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Sutorejo Prima Indah Utara PY-3a, Surabaya

Originaly a proposed joined project, this project is about designing a resort themed house. The design point of this project is a resort themed house with modern look, and also a tropical architecture touch with a bright and warm color material choice.
The design concept is to make the pool as the central element in the house, so all side of the house could enjoy the pool view. The resort touch is being strengthen by giving a sunken living area in the poolside, giving a touch of topical island getaway inside the house.

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This project is about designing a SOHO, in which the lower part of the building will be used as a store and the upper side functions as a residential place for the owner. The dimension of the site which is not quite large give us a challenge for this project, which is exciting for us.
To give a distinct look and an unique design we try to ditch the usuall roof design and go with the pitched roof. Usage many wood and concrete touch in this project, as well as green element for the building to give a more modern look for the building.

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This project is an apartment unit located in eastern Surabaya. To cope with the dimension of the room space, which is not quite large, we play with material such as mirror to give a broader ambience for the room, and minimal size of furniture so it won’t take much space needed for the circulation.

Usage of wooden ambience in the room to give a warmer and more comfort to the space inside.

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This project purpose is to provide 3 different building in a single space, which is a clinic, an office, and a multifunction hall, which is also going to be built in a different time phase. The first is the clinic area which is would be the main face of the building, and the office that support it, and lastly the multifunction building. This 3 zone area must be able to connect coherently, which give this project its own challenge.
The usage of bright and clear material to represent the cleanness of health themed building, and also to give shading purpose for the room behind it. The dynamic pattern is being used to give a dynamic look, to remove the stereotype of a rather blank and plain theme building of a medic themed building in the region.

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STMIK Bumigora Project at Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara. This school project is located in Lombok island of west nusa tenggara. The client wish to see a fresher and more modern looks of an old school building, as well an addition to some new floor to it.
The concept is to use a jagged sunshade pattern on the façade to give a more dynamic look, and also to give a shading purpose for the room behind it. And usage of exposed concrete to give the firm look on a school building.

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