Plaza 3 pondok indah blok E-12

Townhouse design proposal for a 10,000m2 land with public facilities in South Jakarta designed for the newly wed and young families living in South Jakarta. 

The facade is designed in two options which is Tropical with wooden screen to blind the interior space from the public and the alternate is a more high end stone finish with smaller windows for a more conservative look. 

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This was a retail strore design for Levis in Malaysia, all logos and names are removed for rights purposes. 

by wrapping the store with the wooden battens and cutting into the store sends signals to oncoming traffic to enter the store and provide a horizontal discipline to follow in the interior. 

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Proposal for a Boutique hotel in Thamrin with the land plot of only 250m2 and managed to turn it into a fully functioning 56 keys hotel. At the same time not over towering neighbouring buildings and maintaining the current height of the existing structure with a loading bay area and lobby that is welcoming to the street level. 

Rooms are designed in an angle to avoid direct interaction with neighbouring building which is only about 8-12 meters away and blinds are added to focus views towards the famous Bundaran HI. 

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design proposal for a resort in the westcoast of bali with the concept of " samunati" which is sanskrit for elevation of the soul which is suitable for a resort nestled into the forbiden coast of bali. Villas have private pool facing a shared pool that stretches along the beach being a connector to the rest of the villas cooling the breeze from the beach towards inland. 

The resort also accomodates a beach club overlooking the villas to seclude noise from the guests. 

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Project Casa 32 with @arsataraka 
Tropical urban cluster with vertical battens to shield off privacy but still taking advantage of daylighting. 

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