Modula Studio

Taman Alfa Indah, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

Office Pluit, Location at Pluit

pluit   |   2 Photos

Wisma & warehouse mandiri at Kudus

kudus   |   8 Photos

Wisma Bank Mandiri at Semarang

semarang   |   7 Photos

JO Show Unit, Private House

yogyakarta   |   4 Photos

Intercon House, Private House at Jakarta

jakarta   |   3 Photos

Allen House, citra 5 Jakarta

jakarta   |   1 Photos

Hotel & Resort Tanjung Selaki, Lampung 

lampung   |   3 Photos

Koki house private house, intercon Jakarta

jakarta   |   2 Photos

Boyolali Center, Location at Boyolali Central Java

Boyolali   |   3 Photos

Hotel Greenotel, modern location in cilegon cirebon


cilegon   |   5 Photos

CL House/Private House, Location in Jakarta

Jakarta   |   3 Photos

Private House location in pejaten

pejaten   |   5 Photos

Design of Woman Wellness Centre by Prodia. located in Bintaro, Tangerang. 

Bintaro, Tangerang   |   2 Photos

Renovation Project proposal of office building. 

Jakarta   |   6 Photos

Design of private house. start build from 2016, and now in progress.

Tangerang   |   3 Photos

Design of private house. located in Jakarta. 

Kalideres, Jakarta   |   15 Photos

Project proposal of private house, located in Jakarta, Citra Resident.

Jakarta   |   3 Photos

Design of chemical factory, located in Tiga Raksa, Tangerang. This project start from 2015 and still on progress. 

Tiga Raksa, Tangerang   |   4 Photos

Design of Pertamina Office Gresik, in East Java.

Gresik, Java   |   5 Photos

Project proposal design of E-co House, a private house in Pejaten.  

Jakarta   |   4 Photos

Design of private house, that located in Lampung.

Lampung   |   2 Photos

Project proposal of office building's bridge in Jakarta.

Kuningan, Jakarta   |   5 Photos

Design of domestic airport in Lampung. 

Lampung   |   4 Photos

Project proposal of office building. 

Purwokerto   |   2 Photos

Design of drugstore and located in Lampung.

Lampung   |   3 Photos

This is private house project, called Canvas House. This project still running from 2015 until now. not only, design this house's interior. but also, design of building.  

Pondok Indah, Jakarta   |   11 Photos

Proposal project of occupancy in St. Moritz apartment. 

Jakarta   |   2 Photos

Project proposal of GNB Hotel's interior.

Medan   |   8 Photos

Interior of Erha Clinic, skin care clinic that located in Kemanggisan, Jakarta.

Jakarta   |   12 Photos

Interior of Erha, skin care  clinic that located in Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta   |   7 Photos

Interior of family restaurant, with familiar brand in Indonesia, Bakmi GM. 

Citra 6, Jakarta   |   6 Photos

Design of bar and estaurant that located in Central Java, Semarang. This project involved in the building design and interior design.

Semarang   |   5 Photos

This project was property developer booth for exhibition in Jakarta. This concept was an interior of living room. why living room? to established a convenient space. this booth had designed could be expanded adjust wide area and could form other models

Jakarta, Indonesia   |   7 Photos

 Residence at Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta, Indonesia   |   9 Photos