Jl, Panglima Polim Raya No. 46B, 2nd Floor, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12160

A high-end Indonesian restaurant inspired from different traditional elements of Indonesian crafts. Materials such as woven rattan, unfinished grid stone mozaic, and natural finished wood are chosen keeping the local and authentic style. The Bar island center piece also resembles the traditional layout of old Javanese style house. These combination lifts up the dinning experience, which allow the customers to experience the Indonesian culture.

Gunawarman   |   7 Photos

Focusing on space management in a small apartment with a soothing homie feel. In order to create warm environment, earthy colour tones are chosen with the combination of both natural and synthetic materials. Clever storage systems are also featured in some of the built in furniture, such as the 360° rotating TV cabinet, hidden kitchen island bench, and hidden flip bed in the study area. These systems are featured to maximize the space and function of each room.

Gandaria Heights   |   5 Photos

‘Design that does not look designed’ was the main focus point when designing for Tuku Kopi. Keeping their brand value and identity from their other branch, this branch gives a more organised working flow for the busy environment. A DIY concept is used to create a more approachable and familiar feel without feeling overwhelmed by the design.

Bintaro   |   5 Photos

A Japanese bar that is inspired from traditional street bars in small alleys in central Tokyo. The use of dark wood combined with concrete walls and tiles gives a robust and industrial look. While the neon signage and mural paintings lifts the casual and warm experience for the customers.

Sumarecon Mall Serpong   |   5 Photos

Three bedrooms apartment with a style that give a contemporary and natural ambience at the same time. The material selection becomes the key indicator in this project. The use of innovative synthetic wood planks in the master bedroom area, combined with natural marble top found on the kitchen set gives the perfect combination between efficiency in function and looks.

1park Avenue Apartment   |   8 Photos