Michel Sen Architect

Jelambar Madya 5 Blok C/752, Jelambar, Jakarta Barat

Lounge, Cafe, Bar & Spa Design for Fame SPa & Lounge @ Batam

Batam   |   18 Photos

Proposal for Cafe with Coffee & Tea Learning Center.

Menteng   |   2 Photos

Bar & Cafe Lounge for Studio21 @Golden Boutique Hotel

kemayoran   |   4 Photos

Proposal Design for Plantations International Office

Casablanca, Menteng   |   4 Photos

Client dengan 3 Anak, menginginkan sebuah rumah dengan desain contemporer yang nyaman sehingga mereka akan memilih untuk mengajak tamu berkunjungn dan menghabiskan waktu dirumah.

Duta mas   |   5 Photos

Relayout of Master Bedroom.

The Client wants to reuse most of the exsisting furniture in the room while relayout the whole room to have a new atmosphere.

taman bona indah   |   5 Photos

"You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression" that's what an image of the entrance should be translated into design. 

Green Village, Cipondoh   |   1 Photos

the client was stressed with the irresponssible work from the previous contractor, with our previos client recomendation, then we met mr. ILo. A very trustworthy, simple and modern guy. 

Due to the tight budget for his studio, we tried to fix our design to fix is budget. The project will be extended to 2 phase, phase 1 is done, and hopefull the 2nd phase could began soon.

After its done, mr.iLo said the build version is even better than 3d proposal :) 

Pluit Seaview Apartement   |   8 Photos

Orange in Black and White.


Walet Elok, PIK   |   3 Photos

A 56 sqm apartement, with 3 Bedrooms and 2 Toilets provided by the developer. The Client doesn’t want to spend too much budget on its exsisting layout, they concerned more about the dining and living room. It was lack of natural light the first time I visited the apartment. All opening was inside each room leaving the balcony sliding glass door was the only source of natural light and ventilation. It felt isolated.


The main Idea of the design was to bring more light in-to the apartment and to connect the inside Space with its advantage of cityscape view.

Pluit SeaView Apartment, Jakarta   |   8 Photos

Simple Interior House Design.

Green Lake City, Jakarta Barat   |   5 Photos

Duta Mas Cafetaria adalah proposal design untuk cafe di Sport Club Duta Mas, tepat berada di depan Gym SportClub, dan dengan view menghadap ke kolam SportClub.

Duta Mas   |   3 Photos