MiCasa Living

Ruko Grand Kencana 2 Bintaro, blok B1/05,

we combine pantry, dining room, family room into one unit

Kuricang, Sektor 3 Bintaro Jaya   |   3 Photos

Bronze themed so it gives the impression of luxury

Altiz Apartement   |   3 Photos

Our bedroom and family room are not partitioned only given a difference in height.
so that this space looks wider

Accent Apartemet Bintaro jaya   |   1 Photos

this is one bedroom thas separated by glass tempered .so make it looks wider..

Accent Apartement Bintaro   |   4 Photos

simple, nice and warm studio

Altiz Apartement Bintaro Plaza Residences   |   4 Photos

This office serves as a place for meetings, where the client wants an office like in a hotel

Pasific Place   |   4 Photos

There One Bedroom dan Living Room where the rooms are sealed with tempered glass, giving the impression of being spacious and airy

Accent Apartemet Bintaro   |   3 Photos