Manon Design Studio

Gianyar Bali

Kebaya Shop in denpasar area. The main concept of this store is the adjustment of the logo and interior ambience of the store so that it becomes a strong branding. The use of the carving motif as an analogy of the pattern rather than the kebaya which is the main product in this store

jl. ahmad yani utara   |   4 Photos

a private house located in Tanjung Benoa, Bali. Combination of balinese culture and modern lifestyle is the main concept of this house. Local material  and balinese ornament used almost in all part of building facade. clients desire a private house that can accomodate his family activity and the house should be accomodate the cultural activity that bali people had. and in this house they get all of they desire.

Tanjung benoa   |   5 Photos

Black is the main color in this interior. a modern style used in this interior style.

Gianyar   |   6 Photos

A Scandinavian Concept for bedroom interior renovation

Gianyar   |   1 Photos

A Modern Fitness Center in Canggu Area.Dynamic and Triangle Pattern used in all of interior element. Navy Blue and yellow used as the branding color for this Gym

canggu avenue   |   6 Photos

Simple Bedroom Renovation, surrounded by Pink Accent. This is a Bedroom For fashionista teen girl

jalan gatot subroto tengah   |   2 Photos


Small renovation in a house at dalung bali area. The client gave a brief for the house to add rock n roll, nautical and his idol elvis presley. his Hobby in collecting car plates from various countries also designed with cabinet on the dining area which of course keep using the style of the brief given

dalung   |   6 Photos


Small shop that provides baby needs. Using soft colors and using a modern style with a touch of ornamental elements of bali on the design. Use of bali carving motif to accent bali design at brief brief given by client

jalan gatot subroto bali   |   4 Photos


A small cafe in the canggu area. The Brief that given by the client is to use blue color and want an instagramable photo spots and maximize the existing view. Of course with a limited budget. Peacocks agreed to be an icon for branding and character to the cafe.

jl. Bumbak Dauh Canggu   |   5 Photos