Magi Design Studio

Wisma Penta 2nd Floor, Jalan Kebon Sirih Raya No. 65, Menteng, Jakarta 10340

Primarily built as a marketing office and show unit gallery for Sky Terrace Apartment in Jakarta, Sky Terrace Marketing Gallery is designed simply in monochrome to accentuate the exhibition and display.
The highlight of the space is the corridor to the show units, which features a repetitive strips of white light against a white washed wall and a reflecting glossed black floor that gives a surprising impression of walking into an infinite light strips.
As for the show units, the rooms within are designed as simple and compact as possible to allow spaciousness.
(in collaboration with elly)

Daan Mogot   |   10 Photos

Designed as a co-working space, Penta Office features a shared reception area, waiting lounge, meeting room, working space, pantry, and storage. Strikingly positioned in the middle of working area to emphasize the shared working environment, the meeting room is confined with glass which lines along a shape of oval. This contrasting oval shaped room is intended to break the otherwise monotone working space, on the other hand, create a dynamic passage. Furniture is aligned in a perspective manner to give a wider impression to the relatively restricted space.
Monochromatic palette and colors are used to unify the working area resulting in a more spacious space. The wall partition between each working space is movable to allow the flexibility of the office configuration.

Menteng   |   8 Photos

Sleek and sliced panels are intended to evoke the retro futuristic persona of this office.
Designed for an IT corporate office in Jakarta, the 2,000-square-meter space at downtown Jakarta houses two main zones; the more private executive offices and open-plan yet entwined workspace.
(in collaboration with elly)

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