Located on the prominent location of Simprug, Jakarta, Indonesia, with a 3 meter tall contoured site, the client requested to have an eco-friendly house that suits every needs of a family with three growing up kids. It has a 6m building setbacks, and with a 12m long swimming pool requirement, the building mass must be elevated to maximize the space within.


The overall development consist of 3 different level of floors to accomodate the contoured site. The main mass is located on the right to maximixe the space as it shares the service connection.


The additional mass is located on the left, as it acomodates the sub function such as swimming pool and gym. All of the components have a natural ventilation either towards the main road or the main garden

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The site is located in Wan Chai, Hong Kong, one of its major shopping districts. Hong Kong is affected by both cool northeast monsoons and warm maritime airstreams.

The lower part of the building will have efficient retail area with naturally ventilated open space and Sky Bridge, connecting it with the surrounding buildings. The water catchment system installed on the sky bridges will provides 240,000 gallons per year.

With a 70% efficiency floor plate area, the office will provides massive urban void with its outdoor area, equipped with wind turbines. In order to cope with changing weather, it will also have summer-winter ventilation mode.

The Residential and Luxury Residential will have solar panel installed on the south side, maximizing the 62 degree sun path angle. It will also have water catchment system and wind turbines installed for each of its unit.

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The site is located in the north-western of the London Borough of Southwark near the River Thames. The site is mainly surrounded by cultural and tourists attraction from British Museum, Tate Modern, and the Thames River Walk.

The proposed design will try to solve three main problems; food miles, housing supply, and unemployment; by designing a mixed-use tower complex that consists of vertical farming, residential, culinary school, eating disorder unit, student accommodation and an impressive ground scape for the public to enjoy the experience food culture.

Different uses within the complex will be expected to be connected (program wise), creating an activity loop that will benefit from each other and to promote a sustainable life style.

In collaboration with Ongky Setiawan and Dzakiyya Dina

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There are 4 main ideas for the public area design, which is; to implement Technology, to give cultural Identity, to improve Connectivity, and to promote Sustainability & Economy factor for the terminal building.

The terminal building will have a new high ceiling. It will allow travellers to shop and relax before departure and upon arrival, thus improving travellers experience throughout the building.

The terminal will also be equipped with high tech features like double-sided curved information board, smart warung retail area, big ass fan, etc.

The skyway will connect the terminal building with parking lots and also the future train station. The space in the main skyway will cater retail business, and the rest will be an open public space that people can enjoy.

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