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Jl. Eceng No.1, Lkr. Sel., Lengkong, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat

Plumeria House - Student Center

composed of multiple casual functions – this microcosm of student life is unified under the ground like stairs structure which soars outwards to embrace its newly-interconnected neighbours. Each function is expressed as a self-contained volume with its own unique spatial character. These volumes are lifted, twisted, pushed in and out of the façade, the resulting voids and spaces in-between form the buildings navigable corridor-less public landscape. 

The exterior has strong monotone references to the adjoining context, yet when one transitions through the facade during the day or as evening approaches on the concourse, the fun, colour and vibrancy of this centre springs into life.

The building comprises three separate parts: a three-storey building housing the student canteen and a roof structure housing the students co working.


The design of the building aim to fulfill two main goals: integration of the building into the natural surrounding landscape on one hand, and functional clarity on the other hand.

This clarity was achieved by separating the two main activates: the Students canteen and the co working area into three steps with differing characteristics of space, volume and operational organization.


" steep is the slope to the water that the house appears to have been dropped into the ground, a dynamic house -crafted object that has landed in a natural canvas. The intimate dialogue between the greyish of the house and the primary blues and greens of trees, and sky allows the house not only to assert its own presence but to enhance, by contrast, the beauty of its natural environment as well."

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Aditi Coffee house design starts from a spatial expansion of a patio inside of the building. The Patio, defined as a space evocating recreation outside the interior, comfort and space of social contact, seems to be the ideological basis for aesthetics of this facility. Half of the seating in the interior is designed in the form of low key and light furniture with a little touch from mid century's pantone colour, which blended with rhythmical orthogonal facade´s grow in an environment of green brings a sense of Japanese tea house. The layout is due to the small areal extent of construction tersely effective. This applies to customers' area as well as to the hinterland. On the other hand, the standard material is high. Spatial connection to the playgrounds fills this place with life. The first set of plots is trees, the second is the facility, connection (binder) are people, and people.. Dec 16 - May 17 Inspired by a song from Tatsuro Yamashita : Someday Project : Aditi Coffee House & Space Architecture + Interior by : LUWIST
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Located in a corner lot of a residential area in Bogor - Indonesia, this house accommodates a family of three generations: The owner himself, his parents, and his children. For this reason, the client requested for each bedroom to have its own bathroom.
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This house in Bandung is designed for a newlywed couple who happened to be the architect’s childhood friends. Despite the needs, the architect managed to accommodate the client’s requirements in a single floor house, which is unlike most buildings in the surrounding area. The house is tailored to suit the needs and activities of the clients - which sets it apart from the typical developer’s townhouse. The client requested for a house with plenty of natural light and air circulation. The large kitchen reflects the wife’s fondness for cooking and pastry-making. Front, side, and back courtyard provides all the necessary sunlight and natural air circulation of the house. The narrow side alley courtyard allows a view of greeneryfrom the bedroom windows. The architect tries to capture the essence of a tropical house. The exterior is treated with cool grey sandblasted wall, while exposed bricks clad one interior wall and provide warmth to the living room.

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