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Intiland Tower 12A Floor, Jl. Jend. Sudirman 32, Jakarta 10220 Indonesia

Connecting Jakarta to new islnads, Kapuk Naga Bridger lighting was designed to celebrate the birth of new territories . Lighting concept was to emphasize the “bird archs” and fill it with dynamic lights.

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Monumen Nasional was built as memorial place of Indonesia’s heroism for freedom. In time, the place uniquely become a recreational space for local community. Design challenge was to develop lighting concept that serves both
purposes, as well as how to elaborate the relatively plain tower without distracting it with unnecessary light element. Thus, lighting scenarios are introduced:
1. White clean appearance to emphasize the architecture form while creating a solemn yet grace ambiance. This scene serves the ‘memorial’ purpose, performed during weekdays. 2. Colors,graphics and dynamic lighting scenes to serve the ‘recreational’ purpose, performed during weekends, when regularly crowded

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Kitchen, home applience and WC display

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The Infinity was the first stage of Phase 2 development of CONRAD Resort Hotel Bali. Built on high demand of beautiful space for wedding ceremony in Bali, The Infinity bring a cutting edge contemporary chapel / multi function building to house wedding or other activities with magnificent panorama. Designed by architect Antony Liu, Ferry and Andra Matin, the building shows a delicate interpretation of male-female correlation. From the outside, lighting design tried to make the structure glow to mark the existence, while in the inside, a more tranquil ambiance was destined for a sacral moments.

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Considered as one of the most luxurious hotel in Bandung, Hilton has an exceptional architecture and interior. The architect recreated undulating landscape of Pasundan and ‘inserted’ a slice of river/rock/plants inside the main lobby, which was the main challenge in incorporating appropriate lighting design. Lighting concept proposed was to bring
outdoor ambiance inside; to loose the ceiling boundary; while maintaining the warm welcoming feels. Contrast composition between main lobby (void) area and reception and other lower ceiling areas created a nature - city

Bandung   |   2 Photos

PADMA Resort Hotel, located in Legian, Bali, is a classic Balinese 5 star resort hotel.Sit on a vast siteplan, the hotel undergone total renovation to catch up the current market development. A more update design was implied while maintaining the classic atmosphere as much as possible. First stage of renovation included Main Lobby, Restaurant and Retail. A more dramatic, warm and intimate light ambiance were introduced to replace the previously dull situation. Strategies in achieving less maintenance costs and ease of operations were implied throughout in addition to more fresh ambiance. Lighting control and high efficiency light source as LEDs and fluorescent were composed with halogen to achieve optimal aesthetic vs maintenance and running cost.

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TENTREM Hotel is the largest 5 star hotel in Yogyakarta, Middle Java; a city with rich Javanese culture. Architecture and interior were designed in modern colonial influence. Lighting design followed the stream, bringing back the grace of the great Javanese era and set Tentrem to become a new standard of luxury hotel in Mid Java (evan easily comparable to international 5 star hotels in Jakarta).

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W Bali is a resort version of W Hotel chain, thus the true challenge was to reinterpret W’s distinctive style for a resort. Mysterious, tranquil with twist of color were the chosen keywords as concept design. Local wisdom and W's design twist were thoughtfully fused, to form new kind of experience. Bamboo, boulder, candle are some of local stuffs that were transformed into new lighting
elements. Exterior space was kept in serenity with natural dark ambiance, to balance out the color twist in interior. Dynamic ambiance in lobby was carefully programmed to maintain resort feel portion within W’s quirks.

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CONRAD Resort Hotel Bali claimed itself as a Contemporary Designed 5 star hotel, which is currently one of the most favorable luxury hotel in Bali. Lighting design scope of work consists of the second phase development, started with Conrad wedding chapel (known as Infinity), followed by Suite Wings, Penthouse, Club House (Restaurant, Lounge & Gym), Spa Villa and surrounding landscape. Design challenge was to create contemporary atmosphere while maintaining resort air and the previous phase one design. Upgrade in more efficient product, less energy consumed and longer life bulbs were applied whenever possible throughout the project.

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