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Sudirman Suites Apartment

Modern boutique hotel at Jl. Selabintana, Sukabumi

Jl. Selabintana   |   6 Photos

New restaurant at Anugrah Hotel Sukabumi

Anugrah Hotel   |   4 Photos

Barbershop in Jl. Surya Sumantri, Bandung

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Coffee Shop at Anugrah Hotel Sukabumi

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Completed in 2015, Taman Meruya House Jakarta was built on limited space, but it can provides 4 bedroom and a working space. The house was designed in such way so it would have good air circulation and it was a successful idea. In the end, this house doesn't need air conditioner (except for the bedrooms) because the air flow is good enough to make the rooms comfortable.

Taman Meruya   |   5 Photos