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Bumi Citra Fajar

Tujuan utama adalah memaksimalkan kebutuhan pengguna rumah di lahan yg terbatas. Menyederhanakan bentuk dan material agar suasana ruang terasa ringan juga untuk mereduksi biaya pembangunan.

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Strategi desain yg digunakan adalah menyederhanakan semua elemen desain, baik bentuk maupun warna. Hal ini untuk menambah kesan luas pada ruangan namun tetap memiliki kesan mewah. 

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Located in Surabaya, Indonesia, VG Office is a renovation project with the area of 74 m2. The existing building consists of 3 levels, and we designed an internal office on the second floor and a classroom on the third floor. The internal office will be occupied with maximum of 6 people, while the classroom will be occupied with 30 people.


The client’s preference ambience for the office is a light but unique atmosphere to support the working ethics and the creativity of its worker.


The main idea of the second floor was to divide some spaces appropriately based on every individual occupation without decreasing the communication intensity of each person. As the result, we think a transparent partition is a perfect way to support the idea, the user inside the partition has a privacy as well. Also with a glass partition, it allows the daylight to lighten up the room, reducing the use of artificial lighting.


The strategy was different on the third floor as we seek a different ambient. The placement of 360 local Kerawang Stones was transformed a strong image of the third floor into a wild but tidy area. The natural red color of the Kerawang Stone is well-blended with white, it is a perfect wall color to balance the classroom. Also we applied wood vinyl flooring for budget efficiency.

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House 20 is an interior renovation project where we highlight and maximise the use of natural-ish materials. The main idea is to provide a better quality of social interaction in this house. The living room, the dining room and the pantry will be in one big open space area, so the user can talk or just relaxing themself as a family unit. As the result, the air circulation will be even more better because there isn’t any divider within the living room, the dining room and the pantry.

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Located in Tongas, Probolinggo, the MII Office was designed to highlight the company’s brand as a plywood factory. As the result, plywood choosen as the main material and we designed with the parametric method to get more contemporary feels and also gives a new experience for the guest.

The plywood screen is not only used on the back wall, but also up to the ceiling to provide a proper and unique ambient to distinct the lobby with the surrounding areas. The plywood it self will be left unfinished to reduce the fabrication budget.

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The Garden Space is a restaurant that brings the concept of sustainability in architecture rooted in 3 points (economic, social, environment). The Garden Space has a hydrophonic garden which is functioned to reduce the cost of purchasing veggies and increase the interaction between human and the hydrophonic plants.

On the other hand, the use of lights and energy saving air conditioner are also tools to suppress the electricity usage, coupled with the abundance of solar circulation within the restaurant to reduce the usage of artificial lighting. The use of skylights alo supports it, where the daylight can get inside the interior but the solar heat is reduced by the plants below the skylights. The ramp is also aimed as the social responsibility, where wheelcair users can also enjoy the restaurant.

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The house was designed for a retiring person that only needs a single bedroom, a bathroom, dining room and kitchen. Facing the west, we basically rotate the upper building to reduce the intensity of the light and laying down a wood screen to support that. As a result of rotating the upper floor, we have a small garden and terrace that can use as a recreation program for the client.

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Located at the center of Surabaya, as an example of highly common problem such as uncontrolled heat and air polution.

This building was designed for 3 programs, a small coffee shop and a library, and the client needs a small office for the administration of the library. The intention of our design is to minimalise all of the environmental problems and to suffice client demands. By adding a sloping facade screen at the entrance, it can reduce the west sunlight radiation and reducing polution.

However, we propose by designing the library and the coffee shop as close as possible. In addition, the customer can interact each other and can access all public programs in this building.


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The house was designed for a family that search for a modern and simple living. The client loves natural material, and was looking for a home seized with commodious space. The main idea was to create alinear space and removing some bundaries by the existing layout between guest room and living room, so the guest and the familyy can interact more with each other. The stairs located on the front of the building to make some spaces for the living room's circulation. As a vocal point, the stairs covered with Kerawang Stone to reduce the outdoor noise and filter the sunlight.

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