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Rawa Buntu Selatan 1, blok G2 no. 5 sektor 1-1, BSD

Black Out Cafe is located in Serpong, intended to be the coziest new hang-out spot in town. The interior design approach is to have a black-and-white theme, as the name suggests it. With the market target of youngsters and college students, the furniture layout and choice for this project is more variable, offering standard dining style, sofa sitting, and bar sitting. With this mixture of sitting choices, completed with foosball table and large number of vintage paintings and decorations, visitors shall feel at home.

Gading Serpong   |   3 Photos

Instead of having a backyard, Rumah Brawijaya features a focal point of a center reflecting pool to which all the common areas and bedroom are facing. This center open space allows light and air access to every important rooms in the house.

South Jakarta   |   5 Photos

This 2,000 sqm home implements contemporary tropical style. Featuring cantilevered roof, tree branch pillars, and massive window glass facade, the house allows plenty of sunlight and air and brings out its strong tropical characteristic. Original details are implement throughout the interior and the furniture pieces. Other than having a lounge, a gym and a gallery, the house is completed with a separate guest house on the backyard that overlooks a stunning view.

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