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Pusat Niaga Duta Mas Blok B2 no. 26, Jl. Raya Fatmawati, South Jakarta, DKI Jakarta 12160, Indonesia

Situated on the edge of  mount Salak, Bogor,  the project is a refurbishmnet and rebranding of an old villas that was functioned for Bankers family. After years unused by the company, the client wanted to rebrand it for commercial used. There are 4 types of villas and a club house which needed a remodeling. The challenge was how we can redesign the old structure to achieve a branding worth for commercial use with minimum modification. We proposed breeze blocks and stones as the main materials to connect each typologies.

Cangkuang   |   6 Photos

The user, an urban family whose taste was influence by the major café design around Jakarta, needed a home with a slick firm design. Our interpretation to the challenge is combining tropical form with contemporary materials such as bricks, cement exposed, and steels. The built area is placed only 40% of the site size, creating large garden at the east side which the building openings are oriented to it. 

pondok gede   |   4 Photos

The project was initiated with our clients intention to develop their property into a maker space slash house. The main idea is to make an Indonesian tropical architecture with a touch of local craftmanship. The design process started with various massing study to maintain private – public zonings which developed into a compounded configuration with layers of circulation. Large overhangs and breeze blocks that was commonly used in traditional house was adapted in each pavilions. In accordance to the program theme, we use local and craftmanship materials such as bricks, woods, breeze blocks and traditional shingles as the roofing. 

Bintaro   |   6 Photos

Located on a mining site, the client  wanted to developed a commercial facility beside a dam. The character of the site which have hills and valleys brought us to propose an integrated resort program to welcome urban people by enjoying nature with a touch education park. We proposed a family friendly functions which connects the end user and the local villager such as Public Market and Nursery Farm. Bamboo was chosen as the main material of all program knowing its potential,  huge resources, sustainable, and provide craftmanship designs.

Cikaret, Bogor   |   8 Photos

The slim span structure like series of column that placed around the main house, is a transformation of a walkway (selasar) which act as a gate. The front façade gate look answers the direct road access. long overhang are used to filter the direct sunlight. Open plan layout defines the living and dining at the center of the house and connected with two gardens to provide cross air circulation. Rough concrete combined with bricks, woods and steel are the only materials  to give an industrial and homey ambience.

Rempoa   |   4 Photos