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Jl. Pejaten Barat 2 no.10A

This interior refurbishment project covers a much lot of the hotel. The hotel itself hasnt been renovated since the 1970s.

To instantly bring the interior of the hotel to the current style, we decided to bring out the modern touch into the the traditional culture of a Syariah Hotel.

The whole new concept for the refurbishment are experience of refreshment, experience cultural wisdom and experience of comfortness.

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This interior renovation work was requested by the owner to bring out a homey atmosphere with a rustic industrial touch.

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The residence which is located in Tajur Halang is a tropical and modern house

With an area of 150 m2, the design is more concerned with building materials that are efficient so that costs can be minimized without losing the aesthetic value of the building

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Our approach with the design is Art Deco style. Art Deco is known as its short-lived creativity. The reason behind this style is we are approaching a refreshing hard-edge, verticality, and geometric shape into the neighbourhood.

The interior characteristic also includes black, white and gold as the main color pattern. While for the furniture are using supporting color scheme that heighten the decorative fashion of the restaurant & lounge.

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A residence located in Pejaten Barat 2 is a tropical, modern and contemporary style house.

With an area of 898.5 m2 includes the main house, service area, and small buildings called "wantilan". The main house is surrounded by a large landscape desired by the owner.

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Student Housing Jatinangor is a boarding house that is styled like an apartment. Located in Jatinangor, Bandung is strategic because it is close to two well-known universities in Indonesia, ITB & UNPAD.

The building consists of two towers. Each tower is specifically for men and women. Facilities provided include common rooms on each floor, mini markets, cafetaria, musholla, parks and parking areas for cars, motorbikes and bicycles. The total rooms provided are 186 units, 2 types of rooms: single beds & double beds.

Student Housing Jatinangor has an architectural and interior style that has industrial and modern nuances for the Jatinangor area, which is still known to have traditional style of design

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