KOIN Design

Ruko Paramount Centre Blok A No. 1, Gading Serpong

Simple furniture, but they are often organic. Looking at chairs, sofas, dining and coffee tables, we know that they are comfortable. In addition, the dark walnut is also known as the amplifier. All those furniture and schemes are typical of Scandinavian home furnishings – Natural and Organic. Impact on the atmosphere at home is also light. It’s an open plan design, whenever possible, spaces seamlessly merge into one another. In designing the interiors of small fulfill this role, bright colors that visually expand the space.

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This modern monochrome look gives the kitchen a very clean but very bold finish and the accent colors stand out beautifully on the absolute black table top also stainless touch complement the color theme and make for a charming kitchen.

Although the use of black and dark gray color is about 50% of the elements of the room, this kitchen is still quite bright. The presence of high gloss acrylic elements is one of the keys to minimizing the negative effects of a dark color. You can see high gloss elements in the refrigerator, kitchen cabinet doors. Mirror reflects light so that adds a level of light in some parts of kitchen that way; the effect of dark colors in the room can be reduced. One key to create a dramatic look in a kitchen is through the use of contrasting colors and textures.

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Clean-lined furnishings, bright interiors and wooden details both floor and furniture combine to create a look that is both contemporary and a bit rustic. This apartment features wooden elements, from flooring to interior trim to details on furnishings.

Kuningan, Jakarta   |   4 Photos

A simple contemporary French kitchen design style featuring doors finished in dark chocolate color which blends rustic and modern styles. Each door features a profile hand grip either upper or lower grip which adds definition to the doors. The additional cabinet lightning help create a strong element which is then mirrored in the long and spacious cappuccino colored solid surface worktop and ivory glass back panel. Overall it brings the luxury of France to wherever you live.

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A nature inspired color scheme helps the sitting, dining, cooking and living areas blend seamlessly. A wood dining table and modern Tom Dixon Beat Light mark the transition between the cooking and living areas. A high ceiling also makes the area seem more spacious with huge of natural light came from outside. Under stairs niche seems to be a wall and TV panel also an open shelf with back mirror to add create the reflection, but in fact it’s a hidden storage inside it when you pull the shelf.

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