Koerie Design

Jl. Karang Anyar Permai 53-54 Blok D/23 Jakarta 10740

Through the interior process design, we try to show the identity of this startup company by proposing the concept of "levitate in space". The main point is to give the impression of "airiness" and "floating" effect in the all of design aspects. 

Gallery West   |   11 Photos

Renovating the existing house and rejuvenating the existing layout to be more proper and decent for this two-storey house.

Pantai Indah Kapuk   |   15 Photos

Renovating an old kids bedroom

Sunter   |   2 Photos

Rejuvenate the facade of an old existing house. The main challenge is to give a big change from old classic house into modern contemporary-look house.

sunter, jakarta utara   |   4 Photos
Renovating some of interior furnishings. From old and classic house, to become modern with classical twist home concept.
Sunter, Jakarta Utara   |   6 Photos

Compact and functional apartment design with simple and modern look.

jakarta   |   6 Photos

Mall with modern concept

Majalaya, Bandung   |   13 Photos

Scandinavian and compact apartment design for couple with two children.

Kemayoran   |   8 Photos

Renovation and remodeling house project.

BSD City   |   12 Photos

Simple and modern-look of Honda back office and waiting lounge.

Bekasi   |   11 Photos

Simple and modern teen bedroom. The general concept is playing with wood color mood. Combining with grey color from headbed fabric and wall paint.

Sunter, Jakarta Utara   |   3 Photos

The general concept is setting the layout in maze-concept. You are guided from one entrance (starting from garden area) and one exit (supermarket area). So the person who entered will not get confused by experiencing the many layers of lighting design

Sunter, Jakarta Utara   |   11 Photos

The general concept for this biker apparel store is smooth vs rough. It is seen in between the smooth of white plain ceiling and rustic wall. The furniture concepts are also in the same versus.

Aeon Mall, BSD   |   7 Photos

For general concepts, keyword : asymmetrical vs symmetrical. This keyword as a generalization for our strives to mix/blend together between two contrasting natures (smooth and rough, straight/diagonal lines, calm/striking color, etc). For more specific concepts, we put some simple graphic design concepts (as you see in blurry poster which hang on master bedroom's wall) to have a purpose in showing them as parts of aesthetic elements of design.

Sunter, Jakarta   |   10 Photos