KHOMA Studio

Jl. Raya Kerobokan no.120

Enhancing the existing room with traditional contemporary Balinese design and adding some features such as private infinity pool into each hotel room. The concept combines a traditional design and modern features of the room.

Ubud - Bali   |   3 Photos

A tropical modern house with masculine touch is implemented through bright color as the primary color with wood and black color as the accent to emphasize the characteristic of the building.  This two masses house which one to the other is connected by a foyer at the main entrance are used separately by mother and son with his family. This house has a swimming pool for both houses.

Bali   |   3 Photos

Breathtaking site with passionate clients and creative designer are strong combination to produce one of a kind ECO guest house that will give an extraordinary experiences for the staying guests

Bedugul - Bali   |   1 Photos

A luxurious house with maximum fresh air that circulates all around the house by maximizing an open space in a unique and stylish compact house. There is a divided space between employee/service (maid, etc.) and owner private area. Grand high ceiling foyer is created to make a modern and lavish nuance when entering the house. The structure of the house is a combination of mass, scope, geometrical shape which are matched with the finishing material to strengthen the shape of the house itself.

Palembang - South Sumatra   |   1 Photos

"A room is not a room without natural light." - Louis Kahn

Featuring a sun roof on the living room at 2nd floor and ramp from the garage to 1st floor to make the better accessibility for disable people going in to the house. The ramp area is completed with rooster wall which not only giving some elevation accent to the front view, but also giving exceptional air flow. This house also has inner courtyard in the middle of the building which connects each rooms. 

Bandung   |   1 Photos

Tropical, modern, contemporary design with a unique combination of geometric shape on the façade with elevated canopy as an accent of the design. This house also has sky roof glass on the corridor and living room to maximize the natural sunlight entering the room which also accentuate the concept design of the house.

Bandung   |   1 Photos

Simple, modern, commercial cluster. A practical, homey and comfortable living for everyone.

Subang - West Java   |   1 Photos

A social project detailed with local materials and design approaches which were applied on its architecture has a strong orientation of God representative through its form and plan organization which emphasize the altar as the prime function. A simple scheme color is intended to maintain the simplicity of the building and become a canvas for addition of colorful local decorative.

Lampung   |   2 Photos

“Bring Balinese soul to your own garden”

Admiring Balinese culture, an Australian family would renovate and put the Balinese concept into their garden. It is depicted through the presence of ‘Bale Bengong’, natural ‘candi’ stones for pool’s element, Balinese statues, and tropical plantation as well.

Melbourne - Australia   |   1 Photos

“Good landscaping would provide a good quality of the people”

Grand Sharon Residence as a new cluster needs common area to bond the occupants. According to that reason, park with a good landscaping could be the alternative for them. Giving more attention to the elder and children, seats and playground area were arranged to accommodate it.  In order to make a comfort place, enclosure area is generated by the shadow as result from the plantation design. 

Bandung   |   2 Photos

A multi-masses building, used as a head-quarter office of Textile Factory as their operational base and representative office, which facilitated with private condominium and also some private lodges for clients was designed in a humble, simply, and modern style for the exterior appearance, while a luxurious-modern ambiance inside.

Bandung   |   1 Photos

A lack of facilities in Cisirung as a warehousing area is a notion to build an integrated area which has some prime functions as its supports. ECO Business Park were designed base on the idea of comic character and its company, Iron Man and Stark Industries. The concept were implemented through the hi-techno design, scheme color of the buildings and the complexity of the function, such as office, warehouses, heliport with multiple helipads, apartments with their personal LNG power plant.

Bandung   |   2 Photos

Masculine, simple, modern, and cool are the depictions of Bekasi Textile – Automotive Leather and Fabric Manufacture’s concept. Accommodating its function as a production factory, open plan and wide span structure are implemented on the design.

Bekasi - West Java   |   2 Photos

“You can’t put your feet on the ground until you’ve touched the sky.” – Paul Aster

Soothing, airy, and relaxed, feels like the heaven. Collaborating project with AW Lake SPA Consultant, Heavenly SPA was aimed to cosset the guests through the ambience of heaven, illustrated by the wavy cloud design, earth color, slight materials, dynamic decorative, and the openings. Heavenly SPA was used for worldwide event, Miss World in 2013 in Bali

Nusa Dua - Bali   |   4 Photos

“The aim of Interior renovation of meeting rooms, Nakula – Sadewa and Pandawa, and also a ballroom, Puri Kencana, was to give a new ambience into these rooms. The more refreshing looks without leaving the Balinese ethnicity was accomplished through the materials and details.”

Jimbaran - Bali   |   4 Photos

“Never rush things. Anything worth having is worth waiting for.” – Unknown

A new Balinese contemporary departure lounge was made to serve the consumers in a warm and chill atmosphere while waiting for their flight by its facilities, namely seating area, bathroom, locker room, smoking area, and also clinic.

Jimbaran - Bali   |   5 Photos

“Anyone can drink beer, but it takes intelligence to enjoy beer.” – Stephen Beaumont

Redlights Beer and Club brings a spirit of urban lifestyle within the industrial style as its whole theme of the building.  Preserving the old existing building, the expansion states the new concept of playfulness.

Setiabudhi - Bandung   |   4 Photos