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Jl.Cipete Raya no.16, Perkantoran Blok A5 Lt.3

A total renovation of the old building in a partial phase so that the laboratory could still function while under construction. To allow the gradual development, the program scheme still follow the old layout system. The idea was to create a big, open single storey reception and lobby area bathed in natural light, sounds of water feature and ponds, surrounded with three storeys of check-up rooms, laboratory and service area.

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This project is a renovation of a restaurant located at an upscale area in the perimeter of Jakarta bay. The client ask to elevate the ground floor, always in trouble of flooding due to the rise of sea level, rearrange the layout and add a mezzanine floor, while giving a new identity to the space.

The concept is a cave like, double height open dining area, using natural materials and glass at the sea side to capture the view, also intended as a floating sea lightbox during the night. Cross ventilation and skylights are provided to reduce power consumption.

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The house is built on a side garden of an old colonial style house at Cipete, South Jakarta. The client asked for a pavilion with a library and bedroom, that is reserved in style and in harmony with the main house, connected through the rear corridor.

The narrow, 6m width plot generated a thin elongated shape, with maximum openings for light and airflow to enter the building. We utilise gardens and open areas as transition and pathway to connect and unite the new building with the main house. Muted colors and cement finish materials are used to bring out the natural feel of the house, also to be well combined with client's old teakwood furnitures.

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This is a renovation project from a typical developer house. The layout and styling is a typical row house even though this particular house located at the corner, and has trapezium plot shape with lovely side garden view. The client asked to revise the layout by injecting new function that could organise ground floor rooms as well to create connection to the shape and the location of the plot land.

The output is an enhanced old house with a transparent new shape, where the side garden becomes a prominent feature that is central to the family activities. Its roof top is also utilised for seating and barbecue area that is accessible from the main bedroom. New materials such as cement tile flooring, bigger window frames, paint and wooden deck are also applied throughout the old house, give it a modern feel to accomodate new activities.

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This is a reinterpretation of a kampong house, equipped with environmental features to accommodate modern style living is the closest definition of this house. Once we enter the main door, a large living area incorporating seating, swimming pool & lush hanging vertical garden is welcoming as one open area where the perimeter walls are the only boundaries. Rough floors and walls make the inside feel like outside, or else outside is inside. The main building is a rectangular form oriented east - west to allow much light enter the rooms, as well to protect it from harsh sunlight during the dry season. Rustic finishes like red brick, stones, wood, and clay tiles, make this house rich with sense of locality, kampong-like atmosphere with contemporary sense. The most interesting feature of the house is the greywater recycling system and how it captures rainwater into main groundwater tank. The filtered greywater water and rainwater are then circulated for everyday use to avoid excessive use of well supply. With the system client hope that this house is not only become a green oasis, but also sustained & contribute to Jakarta's better living environment.

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This interior project is specially designed for a loyal client for their new house at the edge of the hill. Large openings with views to greeneries filled all rooms with lights, offering challenges to decorate. The client wanted a clean, no-fuss contemporary style interior that is artistic yet functional. Built-in furnitures as storage to keep the cleanliness are combined with loose furnitures and accessories from their old house. Hint of bold colours such as red, yellow and black are applied on a natural pallete such as white, grey, and brown. The results are unique experiences between each room that give pleasant and energizing feeling of the new home.
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