Jl. MPR III, No.14 z
Cilandak   |   5 Photos

Transforming Work. Upon hearing the word ‘office’, most people would automatically form a mental image of rigid, boring, conventional space – doubly so for government office. Our project for Kementerian Pekerjaan Umum defies those expectations, with heavy uses of wood and thoughtful use of space, we transform office into second home.

The Ministry of Public Woks and Public Housings   |   6 Photos

Classic Royal Palace. Simple, classic yet modern design. The three themes is the main idea for the design. Built the bedroom with a royal palace look adding wood material to inject the classic feeling. Light brown wallpaper and and gold fabric chair complete the palace bedroom.

The Intercon Kemang Apartment   |   7 Photos

Team is Workspace. “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” - Michael Jordan Inspired by the legend’s say, we put those spirit into replica watches the workspace design. We transform a closed, cramped office into an open office. Tearing down boundaries while increasing productivity and communication, a recipe for successful teamwork. Dispelling cubicle and adding a touch cheap wedding dresses in the furniture and lighting creates a cozier workspace but still with a serious mood.

PT. Danareksa (Persero)   |   6 Photos

Treat For Your Senses. Food are made to indulge human’s taste senses. Eat n Treat fully understand that and that’s what they deliver. But we make it a step further… and better. With premium look crafted by using wood element and cozy ambience produced by the lighting, Eat n Treat promises to treat your sight from Jakarta’s intricacy. Extensive use of glass in many aspect of the design, like the food display, served as focal points and able creates a spacious impression even in a small space.

Pluit   |   6 Photos

Ethnic | European. Juxtaposing Batik with modern European design to satisfied owner needs to have a simple yet a bit ethnic sense. Focus on function and simplification of forms, we built all the furniture with that mindset. Vocal point of the bedroom is the Batik wall frame and natural lighting. The living room concentrate on the Persian rug with addition of modern sofa and application of mirror to make it spacious.

Taman Sari Semanggi Apartment   |   7 Photos

Javanese Culture. A bit ethnic design to accommodate the owner traditional roots and passion towards Javanese culture. TV cabinet and dresser built with ethnic Java and modern sense to balance with other ethnic furniture brought by the owner. Lots of mirror to give that spacious feel even though it is a one bedroom apartment.

Taman Sari Semanggi Apartment   |   4 Photos

Light and Refreshing. Injecting the Industrial theme with Masculine accent to a home, to satisfied the owner passion to big motorcycle. We provided special access towards the backyard where the fun begin, a bar with pool table. Still it is a residential space with contemporary design sits well with its surrounding urban environment. With plenty sources of natural lighting and air circulation, the house is as refreshing as it is well-lit and bright.

Jatiwaringin   |   8 Photos

A Classroom in Factory. Inaco cooking class is one of our design that we can proudly say unique. It’s a combination of 3 worlds and style, Inaco’s sophisticated factory, a kitchen, and a classroom By Combining Brick usage on the wall with wood aspects on the panels and state of the art tools, We merge a productivity of factory, creativity of kitchen, and knowledge of a classroom mindset into the design. This contradictive and unusual design offers a special experience to everyone happened to be in this room.

PT. Niramas Utama   |   4 Photos

A Home/Hotel. The owner often travel for her work, spend most of her nights in a hotel. Therefore she want a homey feeling with a touch of hotel ambiance in her studio. Simple design with a lot dark wood material to give that premium hotel feeling.

Taman Sari Semanggi Apartment   |   5 Photos

Visual Appeal from Functionality. Form should follow function, but it also need beauty for appeal to make you feel good about it. The furniture's fully designed to have purpose. The beauty came from colour and modern looks, enhanced by the lighting. The studio functioned as the domestic and leisure place for the owner. It is important to designed it not far from the owners house but yet have a bit new leisurely feeling.

Taman Sari Semanggi Apartment   |   7 Photos

Lots and Lots of Solid Wood. The vocal point is the floor where your feet will feel the cold yet warm enough solid wood parquet. Everywhere your eyes goes you will see brownish and woody texture to inject warm and natural nuance. Artificial lighting helps you feel at home. Simple design, efficient placement, and mirror make the studio feel spacious.

Taman Sari Semanggi Apartment   |   5 Photos

Re-Purpose Unused Attic into Gentleman Cave. Every man needs a place of his own, which he can collect his own thought while doing what he loves doing. You all know it as a man’s cave. Exactly what we were try to transform. The owner always dream a space of his own passion. We simply design a library/work space type of man’s cave. He professionally loves teaching and book is his vacation. He also like to collect action figures, which perfect to add masculine touch. Therefore we built a shelf haven for his book and action figure collection. We put his antique furniture to juxtapose with our modern sense of lighting and TV cabinet. Finally a touch of homey nuance of couch and paint color just to inject relax feel.

Pondok Labu   |   4 Photos