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Intercon Plaza D/17

Located in West Jakarta, House 13 aims to accommodate a comfortable residential living by utilizing the simple lines of modern architecture. With the client not wanting to be constantly dependent on air-conditioning, Insada designed House 13 to have a working cross ventilation so that natural breezes are able to cool the main living spaces.

House 13 is oriented in the north-south direction with 3 sides blocked by neighboring houses. With only one south-facing façade to work with, the façade needed to be designed to be able to bring ample amount of light, as well as opening up to allow fresh air to come in. The main façade is made out of low-e glass curtain wall with operable module on each end comprised of aluminum extrusions, perforated metal sheet, and sliding glass door. Sliding door allows the breeze to come in, perforated metal sheet acts as an insect screen and aluminum extrusions is there for additional security purposes. On the opposite end, to allow air out is a three-story space with skylight and equipped with ventilation bricks. With this configuration, first and second floor of the house is constantly cooled passively

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INSADA was tasked to design Aerium’s residential show-unit and marketing gallery interior. For both the 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom residential units, the challenge of the project was a problem commonly faced by interior designers in dense metropolitan cities such as Jakarta – to transform such tight multi-family residential units unto a seemingly expansive, luxurious space to accommodate family living and elevate it into homey high-end contemporary design.

Despite being located inside an existing boutique office, the Client wanted this residential show-unit to reflect an actual condition in their soon to be built development. INSADA is aware that the location presents major additional challenges to achieve actual-unit ceiling height due to existing beams and mechanical ducting. Nevertheless, careful layout planning, coordination and relocation of mechanical works above the ceiling, INSADA managed achieve the proper ceiling height and intended design.

With every inch of space valuable inside the units, INSADA re-layout existing spaces given by the architect. Previously segmented kitchen space in both units is currently opened up into a unified open kitchen, dining, and living space. Dramatic transformation also took place in the master bedrooms and bathrooms, reconfigured to feature a walk-in closet as well as 5-fixture bathroom that yield a luxurious feel. To further broaden the feeling of the space, mirror elements are strategically located all throughout the spaces, often times taking form as an art piece, rather than simple mirror wall.

The Client visions a modern look for their spaces, however not too keen on the sterile spaces of a recently popular white-box aesthetic because of its family oriented target market. Inspired by the Client’s vision, INSADA implemented a mostly monochromatic grey color palette with punches of color in forms of nature inspired patterns – symbolic of an oasis as young families’ sanctuary, away from the intensity of a metropolitan city. INSADA goes custom for nearly all the furniture, tailoring the dimensions to fit apartment living spaces. Furniture design and materiality are curated so they complement INSADA’s original vision to open up the space. The result is furniture designs that possesses clean lines, elegantly light furniture legs and clear glass table tops that shows continuation of flooring. Additional touches of luxury can be found through marble accent in kitchen counter tops and bathroom vanities.

Nature inspired touches are also consistent throughout the Marketing Gallery space of the project. Double height entry space is accented with an equally tall nature-inspired steel sculpture. Passing that double height space, visitors will pass by a backlit stretch membrane and physical models of the project into a lounge and space. The marketing gallery feature an informal meeting spaces loosely defined by powder coated metal partitions. Metal partitions are movable so that these informal meeting spaces can be an extension of the lounge to accommodate people in special events.

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INSADA had the pleasure help Paulaner, a prominent German microbrewery and restaurant brand, to bring their Bavarian beer culture to Jakarta. The interior is designed with fresh, modern detail.

Interior design and constructions by INSADA.

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Ebeya restaurant serves of the ultimate high end of luxury Japanese food. Boasting a large list of VIP clients, the challenge in this project is designing guest traffic into their own private rooms so that it is convenient for VIPs. Rooms are furnished with a darker colored scheme that imbues a greater sense of luxury.

Interior design and construction by INSADA.

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No stranger to the Japanese design language, INSADA designed a space for esina - a high-end yakiniku place. Bringing the Japanese sensibility of being simple yet classy, was the inspiration for the overall look of the restaurant. Keeping in mind the aforementioned attitude was key in selecting design elements that is inviting and relaxing.

Interior design and constructions by INSADA.

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Senshu is located within the 5-star Fairmont Hotel, Jakarta and offers the freshest Japanese cuisine, in a wonderfully serene setting. This restaurant features authentic Japanese interior design, complete with architecture and interior design elements brought straight from Japan.

Interior design and constructions by INSADA.

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INSADA set out to design Agung Podomoro Land Executive Office that requires a bonafide, luxurious, timeless design. The result is a design that fulfills the client’s design requirement - a cohesive workplace space featuring rich colors,  deep wood grain and luxurious fabrics.

Interior design by INSADA.

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The Menjangan Resort is a peaceful retreat located in the heart of an unspoiled national park on the stunning northwest coast of Bali. It is the largest resort, encompassing 382 hectares within the boundaries of Bali Barat national park - offering guests the chance to get close to nature and relax in exquisite surroundings. The basic idea is simple, which is to create a perfect nature retreat where design works harmoniously with nature.

Architecture and interior design by INSADA.

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INSADA was tasked to create a new standard for Novotel operation in Tangerang. The result is a 4-Star Hotel with simple sleek lines and contemporary style, equipped with 266 rooms.

Interior Design by INSADA.

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Surya Hotel & Cottages is a resort hotel located in mountainous are of Prigen, Pasuruan – East Java, within a 4.2 Hectares area. INSADA was tasked to do a full interior renovation of Surya Hotel & Cottages in Prigen, Pasuruan. The renovation of this resort hotel includes all public and private spaces, including the Hotel Lobby, Spa, Gym, Business area, All Day Dining area, Bedroom Suite Cottages, Junior Cottages, Suite room, and more. Each element of the renovated areas is chosen to create a balanced modern space while maintaining a peaceful resort feel and inspiration from traditional East Javanese culture and architecture.

Interior design and constructions by INSADA.

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Village Du Pecheur is a charming 19-unit hotel on the east coast of Praslin, Seychelles. Bordering the beautiful “Cote D’or” beach, Village Du Pechuer features white washed walls, thatched roof, blended with tropical wood and marble - creating a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

Architecture and interior design by INSADA.

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The tallest amongst the Pakubuwono residences, the Pakubuwono Signature attempts to redefine luxury living. INSADA contemporizes an unique art deco in the interior lobby, The warm touch of wood permeates through the other public spaces such as skylobby and fitness center, meanwhile the solarium at the ground floor creates an accent space that brings the whole residence cohesively together.

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