Indra Tata Adilaras

Bogor, Indonesia

The Wood Box House is situated on a 11.7m x 25 m plot in a middle-class housing neighborhood in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia that has a high precipitation rate and mild temperatures. The climate is ideal for outdoor activities and the architects of Indra Tata Adilaras addressed the challenge of a house that could provide both indoor and outdoor spaces in a seamless design.

Rather than to offer typical layout for the typical plot, the architects first strictly classify programs into two boxes: a massive box for well partitioned private areas and services that would include bedrooms, kitchen, maid quarter, bathrooms, and a garage and a transparent box for open common areas including the living, dining, studio, and circulation areas.

The massive box is an entirely concrete construction, finely plastered and painted, whereas the transparent box is a steel construction clad with glass and vertical layers of local teak-plants – a common technique in contemporary tropical building construction.

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The design offers variety of spatial experiences as the result of the split-level organization. The linear functional-spatial organization is stacked in two masses, joined by the staircase core in between. The rooms are arranged accordingly based on the level of privacy. Public activities and services are located in the beginning of the line; bedrooms are placed at the end on top levels.

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