Indesign Domus

Taman Kebon Jeruk Blok G1 no. 58, Jakarta 11620

Residence 28 is a 4 floor with 3 bedroom. The dwelling has a main entrance following a garden path and one through the basement. When entering through the basement, occupants or guests are greeted by a small foyer, while the garden entrance opens into the livingroom; a split-level space with a double volume height. Two paintings (part of the private collection of the owner) are the focal point, and tone colors were applied to the room to highlight them. The colors which dominate the space accentuate a strong and modern theme. Upstairs there is a half the floor consisting of the dining room, family room, and pantry. A generous use of white furniture that is soft combined with a black sofa gives the impression of a masculine space while a wood veneer coordinates with the other open spaces . Natural and warm colors are used in the master and children’s bedrooms . A red wave shaped element becomes the background of the stair that connects that reaches the fourth floor of the dwelling . This ele­ment is designed to divert the attention of the dominating stair in a simple yet functional manner. The color red was chosen for it’s strength and is supported as a continuous design element throughout the house. As such it becomes a point of interest for the entire dwelling.

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St. Moritz Penthouse and Residence is situated in a strategic location on the edge of the highway adjacent to Puri and Puri Indah Mall as well as a business center and office space in West Jakarta. The design of St. Moritz has a concept of the "Global City Block" and the Penthouse at St. Moritz captures the scenic beauty of the city with views to open greenspace despite it’s location in the dense city center. With the beauty that has been offered through the architecture of the building, the interior design attempts to maximize the panoramic city views with the furniture layout oriented to face out the window. Through a minimalist-modern style, interior space is created not as a place to stay, but more akin to a luxury hotel. The color palette used in the room spans a monochromatic spectrum of black, grays and white, while small doses of red are used as an accent color to bring a vibrant contrast to the space. Yellow lighting tones are also used to give a warm and luxuirous impression to the space.

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Nissi Bintaro Campus is a building that keep its contectuality.  The dynamic form is  originally based on the character of the user/Owner (Data On) that consist of energic  and young people or staffs with dynamic working activities. At the south side, we created a comfortable courtyard that covered from sunlight as South Courtyard. The courtyard happens because of the collision of two building masses, between the transparent mass and the solid mass. The collision of two masses, become our mass concept for the project.

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