Jakarta, Indonesia

the challenge of this project is to design a house in only 6 m width site and still have a enough natural light and good air ventilation. we divide the house into 3 mass (solid part). Each mass is divided by open space area (void part) so the sun light and the natural air can get into almost every area of the house. simple, bare and natural material are use to create natural and tropical ambience . landscaping component are filling the vertikal and horizontal area to fullfill the needs of vegetation component

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its a house for two brothers, located in one site, side by side.  the main objective is how to design a house with limited budget but still have a good quality in aesthetic and design aspect.

air ventilation and sunlight are optimally utilized for natural ventilation and lighting so that the house becomes energy efficient

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Karakter rumah tropis terlihat melalui penggunaan atap miring berupa atap limasan dan atap pelana. Nuansa tropikal diperkuat dengan aplikasi material alami (kayu dan batu alam). Serta unsur vegetasi dan air pada lanskapnya.

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