Jakarta, Indonesia

YN house is a tropical modern house.

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a Luxury house located at the central of Jakarta, consist of 1000 sqm land area, the house was designed to accomodate a luxury living. 

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small house

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Set on the North Jakarta, Katamaran house was design to set up a green lush house. the concept is to bring out more green space and open space for the outdoor activity.
 there 2 kids bedroom on the second floor, connect by a bridge to the main stairs. the master bedroom set up on the front of the house.

the living area and formal dining set up a double ceiling to flow the hot air above, so the room become more cooler, help by the ceiling fan to circulate all the airflow above.

next to the living is a full glass that can be slide off, so the room will get a full view and air breeze.

the air flow is constantly moving a cross to all the room that has been designed from the beginning to be open air.

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