Sunrise Garden Blok Y No. 17 Jl Surya Wijaya 1 Jakarta Barat 11520

Abia Villa Legian by HMP Architects.

Legian, Bali   |   15 Photos

Modern classic design style for Erha Clinic Yogyakarta.

DI Yogyakarta   |   16 Photos

Modern minimalist design style for Erha Clinic PIM.

PIM, Jakarta Selatan   |   10 Photos

Modern with contamporary design style for Erha Clinic Kemang

Kemang, Jakarta Selatan   |   16 Photos

Modern design style for Erha Clinic Cimanuk.

Cimanuk, Bandung   |   14 Photos

Modern contermporary design style for Erha Clinic BSD.

BSD   |   15 Photos

This building serves as a support for community health facilities, more specifically as a skin care clinic. This building is expected to accommodate medical activities and customer facilities. The building is a single mass with art deco style and modern touch. Building form consisting of head, neck, and body. Vertical elements in art deco style is very strong. This can be seen on the blades of the walls between windows, the height of the window itself, and the lines of the balcony railing. Formal and rigid impression of a symmetric elements are refined with the presence of the glass box at the entrance. This modern glass box became a point of interest of the building, besides its main function as a receiving room.

Surabaya   |   8 Photos

Modern tropic is the concept of this house. It has plenty of openings. Many open spaces are available in this house. The family room area was designed twice higher than the other room and thus provides a sense of relief and calm impression. The uniqueness of this house is on the stair, which has stand-alone structures and wrapped by a glass box. the focal point of this house is on its glass boxed stair.

Jakarta Barat   |   4 Photos

This house was built on land that is widen at the back. it is splitted into two masses, which the primary mass and the supporting mass in accordance with the landform. This limited space house was designed to create an innercourt inside the house. It serves as an openings for lighting and the natural air so it can freely enter into the room.

BSD, Tangerang   |   4 Photos

The building is designed to look as if there are two different buildings. The wooden grills serve as screens to block the large openings so they will not be visible easily from the outside. There is a void inside building to provide natural lighting and air circulation for this 3-level house. The architect also designed a roof garden to provide green environment inside and outside the house. This house is divided into two equal zones and has a hallway as the central circulation

Jakarta Barat   |   5 Photos

The private residence was designed to have an open impression so the owner can enjoy the green environment. Concept of this building is geometric cubes that arrange in such a way to show a dynamic impression. It also collaborates design and Feng Shui’s principles. The main focus of this building is on its entrance where a transparent cube serves as a living room.

BSD, Tangerang   |   5 Photos

The concepts of this four-storey building are simply, stylish and clean. The rounded corner walls distinguish this building from its surroundings. The smoothness of this design was created by every curve corner. A massive smooth curve of glass wall dominates one side of this building while concrete dominates the other side. The main emphasize for this facade is not lies on its surface but on the exploration of the artificial and natural lighting.

Tangerang   |   4 Photos

The building that stands on an area of 1175 m2 is located on the main street. The corner of land was developed to build a 940m2 building. This house was designed with inner court yard to provide the natural light evenly in every room. It has two garages, each of which is devoted to park personal vehicles and another for harley parking lot which is specially requested by the owner. In addition, there is an outdoor pool as a complement of building this house.

Jakarta Utara   |   5 Photos