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Jl. Palmerah Utara 2 No.201AA, Palmerah

This famous authentic ramen restaurant brand from Hiroshima, Japan is a new addition to the Jakarta food culture. The design team create a restaurant interior design that is inspired by the simplicity and warmth of Japanese culture. Warm wood tones, patterned screen, and bright orange finishes create an environment comfortable for dining with families and friends.

Setiabudi One Building, Jakarta   |   6 Photos

This head office of a successful retail group in the region is occupying a large open floor plate of an office building. The interior design integrate modern contemporary working conditions and addresses modern challenges. We opted for an Open Floor Plan that encourages collaboration between colleagues that enable ideas to be exchanged more quickly. 

Menara Era   |   5 Photos

One of our latest restaurant Interior Design project called Osaka Ohsho is located in Grand Indonesia Mall in Jakarta. Based on the client’s brief the designers create a visual attraction by opening up the restaurant’s kitchen so that mall visitors can see the interesting process of creating its famous menu which the Japanese gyoza. The interior present a clean but not sterile representation of Japanese aesthetic mainly through clean orthogonal geometry wood panels and frames on the mixed with traditional patterns and illustrations on the fabric selection and wall graphic.

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Salad Stop (Singapore chair restaurant) has opened their outlet at Senayan City, Jakarta. They offer salads and super food items to encourage a healthy lifestyle through their products. Healthy lifestyle depends on freshness, and we must visualize it through our design. Since the ordering process is done at the counter so the design really important, Our Interior design team designed this salad restaurant counter as efficiently as possible with open space kitchen so the customers can directly see the process of making a salad. LED screens located on the top of the counter to show the menu selections that is interchangeable and easily maintained.

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This Interior Design Commision for a 150 sqm Condominium by a dynamic young couple with 3 children. Our Interior Design team and the clients preferred the direction of a tone down American Classic interior Aesthetic as the main design direction since we feel it is one of the look that will never go out of style. A cool hue of white wall and wood paneling create an elegant classical ambience, but the simple detailing is significantly modern. Pale marble flooring and white countertops add to the room brightness.

Senopati Suites, Jakarta, Indonesia


Client Name 
Private Owner

Completed - 2016

- Interior Design
- Lighting Design

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Wilio Kids Shoes is a new multi-brand kids sportwear concept store by Kanmo Retail Group, they approach our Interior Design Team to conceptualize their flagship outlet in Jakarta at Grand Indonesia Mall, Jakarta. We came up with a cheerful but calm and simple interior ambience that is appealing for children but suitable for grown ups. 

We arrange a dynamic layout that encourages children to move and run around. The interior feels like a outdoor playfield with wooden material, green carpet to represent the grass, and using sport games element: goal in the soccer game. attractive graphic design also fills the retail space that blend in very well. To ensure flexibility of future merchandising changes, we device movable display rack to facilitate rearrangement. 

Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia


Client Name 

Completed - 2016

- Interior Design
- Lighting Design
- Custom Furniture Design

Grand Indonesia, Jakarta   |   5 Photos

Location : Living Worls, Alam Sutera, Indonesia

Size : 127m2


Status : Finished 2016


-Interior Design

-Lighting Design

-Custom Furniture Design

Cup Bob Korean BBQ is an US Restaurant chain expanding to Indonesia, their first outlet is located at Living World Mall, Alam Sutera, Tangerang.  High Street was given the responsibility  to develop their flagship outlet in Indonesia. Acknowledging the first start of the brand was in a food truck in Salt Lake City, Utah, we develop a design scheme that plays with similar industrial material as a truck, in this case yellow painted coruggated panels

The resulting ambience is an urban- street vibe, using a lot industrial material into it like black painted steel, brick wall, and cement pattern tile.

We also want to share the offering story and information about the menu trough interior elements by using environmental graphic with fire shaped at the wall.

For this restaurant design we also focused on wayfinding system, so that customer can easily find their own way in the ordering and picking up process due to the self-service system.
Wayfinding can be found on the floor and interior space walls with attractive applications and shapes so that customers easily see and read it.

Living World, Alam Sutera   |   6 Photos

Embassy the Club is Located at Pentacity Mall, Balikpapan, Indonesia which is the one of the biggest and modern mall in Balikpapan. The design aim to able attract both young people and professionals. Interior ambience must be a vibrant and give the great experience in every room. Our team used reflective light beams on the entrance, at the foyer we will greet with radial shape wine room as a foyer centerpiece, for the main area of this club interior we make several different seat arrangement to provide a seat that suits the needs of each customer.

Pentacity   |   5 Photos

Domain the Club has been a vibrant and lively spot for 20 - 35 year olds to let of steam for a few years now.

HighStreetStudio reworked the existing layout by eliminating walls and organizing finishing material resulting in a more visually expansive feel. White marble finishing adds that little bit of glam fair while also brightens up the whole space.

Senayan City   |   5 Photos

Blend Wine and Co is a bar and lounge located in E Walk, Balikpapan, Indonesia. They Approach High Street to be their Interior Consultant for this project. The Brief is to create a place to be the number one night destination for Balikpapan large expatriate community. Our design team work to achieve this goal by creating a cafe interior vibe that is unmistakably European bistro. We specified warm wood finishing materials, tin ceiling panels, white and black wall tiles, and soft grey colored tiles that blends well together. A special attention is given to the lighting so that the quality of light in the space is not overly bright, but also allows the dish to be lighted properly to ensure that they looked appetizing.

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Inspired by the steam-punk aesthetics, this restaurant and bar design incorporated gizmos, machineries, and piping to take its patrons to a Victorian bygone era. The bar design function as the main visual attraction with a large industrial - style artwork adorned with Hide and Seek logo on its center.

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