Kompleks Bandengan Indah blok C no 21

Installation for exhibition in Jakarta for a cable company. Using their own material to exhibit their profile, the designer pour his creativity, and technical to be blended into a work of art. 

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Inspired by tremendous rainforest in Indonesia, the designer has emerge the silhouette of trees and the color trend 2017 by Dulux. This installation is representing our nature to rise people awareness about their impact on this earth. by applying 9 different tones of color, it creates nurturing and calming ambience.
Color selection: Denim Drift, Cosmic Crescent, Impressionist Taupe, Black Magic, Black Swan, Plantation Green, Apple Groove, Gentle Tide, and Zodiac Night.

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The Working Home 

This installation is showing how urban behavior become more compact. With its color selection by Dulux, the designer shows how a home space could be integrated with a working space. The 4 selected colors is to fulfill people’s needs on an inspiring working space and comfortable for living at the same time.
Color selection: Denim Drift, Burmese Beige, Golden Garland, and Black Mica.

Sheraton Grand Jakarta Gandaria City   |   1 Photos

A design proposal for main store of Tucano, the Italian brands of bags and accessories 
for digital devices appreciated worldwide. The space designed by enhancing the function
and technology adapting to their product development. As Milan’s guide city point, tourists are welcome to search the trip information.

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Interior Design Project for a private house.The objective is to deliver a fit design for a mature family. Using a timeless style, it creates a chic and elegant ambience.

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Interior Design Project for a private house.The objective is to deliver a fit design for a young family. It has modern design with luxurious material, to fulfill their needs of dynamic lifestyle. 

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Interior design and build. Designing area consists of interior and facade of marketing lounge, 2 type of show units (2 Bedroom and 3 Bedroom), and Onsite project office.

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