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Jl. Darma Putra 1 No. 4A, Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Selatan

Dee Studio GeTs merupakan proyek renovasi dari rumah yang sudah lama terbengkalai. Beberapa material serta bagian dan ruang dari bangunan lama tetap dimanfaatkan. Nama Dee Studio GeTs diambil dari nama dua bidang usaha klien. Perbedaan karakter bidang usaha dan personal klien  menjadi tantangan utama perancangan.

Tidak seperti bangunan dengan fungsi kantor pada umumnya, studio ini mencoba menyuntikan konsep homey office. Konsep tersebut diwujudkan dari kebiasaan berkumpul sebagai alasan merancang ruang-ruang yang multifungsi dan dapat dimanfaatkan sebagai ruang berkumpul dengan bercampurnya kegiatan yang beragam.  Konsep Homey office juga diterjemahkan dengan visual yang saling berhubungan disetiap ruang

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Located in a rather busy midtown of Jakarta, DeeRoemah is a renovation project of a two-storey house on a 280 m2 irregular shaped site which comprises of 1 master bedroom, 3 child bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, office and storage.

Recognizing the potential of the surprisingly serene neighborhood, an honest design approach was developed for this particular project. The design should be humble and merge with its neighborhood. The main idea is simply to conserve the existing mass and modify it by utilizing the space under the roof on one side of the L-shaped building as a full story – letting it ‘naturally fit’ the urban setting.

On the first floor, the living room, dining room and kitchen are designed as transparent as possible towards the surrounding outdoor garden in which the existing trees are preserved to blur the inside-outside boundary, whilst each of every bedroom has the view of a small courtyard.

The semi public office on the second floor, which can only be accessed by the outdoor twirled stairs, also adapt the same level of openness as it is surrounded with clear glass looking through the terrace and garden. A see-through wooden plane (which is from re-used material of the waste from Furniture Factory) is positioned diagonally at one end as a natural shade where its honest craftsmanship accentuates the silhouette of a ‘kampong’ house. It also works as a building skin to cover inside the office activity from the outside and neighborhood.

Supporting the concept, the range materials used for this project were simplified. The cement-textured finish dominates the entire house with a hint of raw wood detail on the façade and metal for the outdoor staircase.

The need of railing was decoyed by a gray planter box with dangling vegetation while to compress the actual height of the house, a new contoured garden was reset. The landscape element is effortlessly used to soften the whole design.

Constraints and Solutions achieved

The main concern of this project is the client’s budget and the neighborhood.

The solution we took is to preserve the existing concrete structure and re-use some of the materials. This will cut the budget while also can work so that the new and renovated house not so-far different with its ‘kampong’ like neighborhood.

Details of landscaping

There are existing trees in the previous house that we preserve and integrate in the new design. The landscape and harscape of this project really help to create an interesting ambience inside the house. It creates shades for the building while creating mood inside the house and living area.

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Situated in an intense residential area of South Jakarta, Ben House is a three-story 800 m2 house built on a 400 m2 site where every story represents different levels of privacy: the first story as the service area while the next two stories as the semi private and private area.

The dense space requirement within rather a limited site was seen more of a challenge for sense and sequence exploration. The continuous transparency is literally stretched from the very entrance towards the main stairs, drawing the illusion of an open space for one side of the living and dining area, while on the opposite side, natural light and air comes from the outdoor terrace and pool.

On the third floor, all the bedrooms are connected to the family room and study, which act as a communal space with a view of a giant wall of vertical garden – a delicate element to blur the site border and insert a tropical balance into the composition.

Committed to the three-zoned concept, natural stones such as andesite and marble dominate the first floor, bringing an enclosed atmosphere, while moving up to the second floor, vertical aluminium lattice with the hint of glass create a translucent transition against the massive façade.

full idea of opposite clarity and lightness were finally expressed by the wooden glass box and a floating patterned metal sheet, adding an eclectic mood for the entire house.

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