Perum. Purimas Legian H8 / 28

The house is built on a corner, so it has two visible sides. The owner will also use the house as a private residence and yoga. Because of these requirements then it takes more space on the second floor of the building. So it can be seen from the building that jutting forward or that is on top of the carport.

Perum. Marina Emas Barat   |   1 Photos

This house is an old house that will be inhabited by a couple of young families. So before moving here, the owner wants to renovate his house. because the house that previously seemed very rundown and not maintained over a long time.

Perum. Pakuwon City - San Diego   |   1 Photos

Initially this house has only one floor. But the owners want to add to the floor above. So the house is undergoing considerable renovation.

Jalan Sono Indah   |   1 Photos

Young couples who want a small house with lots of openings.

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