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Pakuwon Indah The Mansion PF2-52 Surabaya

Minimalist interior design is about achieving better design through simplicity – a simplicity of form, space, materiality, detail, and color. Minimalist design also shows restraint and a careful paring down and editing of spaces to get to a place of clarity.

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The design of this project is focused on indulging warm and calm atmosphere inside the salon

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Two different layouts, private villa A and B, the client’s request is to create such a totally different impression while entering both villas. The first one is to enhance the feeling of nature with touch of wood and earthy materials while the other is focusing on minimalist and white-clean look.

The wooden volume features predominantly and is the most thing visible in this living area. All of the schemes were organised around a courtyard with the idea of providing an in-between or transition space between the site and the interior of the house, and to provide light and ventilation to all of the spaces.

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Overall, the villa's atmosphere is intended to feel clean and modern. A monochrome, pantry+living stretches through the villa. Walk into each room, the monochrome theme still continues and a little touch of oak wood will be added to give a little bit color. The wooden thing will be applied to some furnitures (cabinet, side table or benches).

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The centrepiece of the cafe is the three columns that separate the cafe into two different areas, the indoor and semi indoor area with a touch of skylight lined up in arrow allowing light to flood into the side of cafe area. Other furnishings include the pale parquette that is used inside the higher level area while the rest area is covered by concrete flooring. A set of black pendant lights is hung above the dining area to blend with the neutral colour. Basin behind the bar is made up of an aluminium bucket – gives a different impression that the designer chooses to make it as one of iconic stuff in this cafe.

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The salon owner has requested a Moroccan-inspired interior to be realized in their newest nail salon. This space is an open space treatment area with two wooden tables in the middle for nail treatments and six reclining chairs for pedicure treatments. The interior mood contains vibrant color such as orange, blue and turquoise together with pattern tiles and wood to reflect the essential colour of Morrocan tones.

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The retail spaces are designed with "candy-coloured" theme and they serve as a showroom to help a brand connect with its potential customers. It’s less about selling the customer something at the specific moment, and more about exposing them to the brand so that when they make a purchase in the future they will already have a positive relationship with that brand.

From telling your brand's story and creating immersive shopping experiences, to putting together head-turning window displays and signage essentials.

Love and Flair store is specifically designed to have a circular pathway, as it could be a great way to strategically control the ebb and flow of foot traffic in the store, thus it will increase the chances of customers making a purchase.

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The idea is to keep the space moving and ever-changing with no furniture installed permanently on the wall/ceiling. An assortment of white marble and brass gold structure display cabinet is used as their main display. Plinths to display accessories make elegant use of brass gold, fine marble stone and tempered glass. Other supporting elements such as rug and standing mirror are added to sweeten the interior.

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The Flomors flagship store is designed as an exciting - vibrant retail space that lets customers experience the spirit of art, travel, and subtle luxury the brand is identified with. Clothing is displayed along one side of the store, the hanging system is made from angular black frames that are attached to the wall. A pair of grey high-mirrors are placed on both side of the wall to give more spacious feeling in this 35sqm store. These are also a movable display set in custom-made marble boxes for shoes and bags display.

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Azarine spa was keen to reflect the artistic nature and modern through the interior design, while staying true to its own signature minimalist aesthetic. Small spotlights are dotted around the lobby office to light the room, with additional illumination lighting hidden behind the wall panels. A calm and dark ambiance is expected to be the first feeling when entering the lobby area. In this lobby area, natural materials such as wooden ceiling and fake plantation are used to give a soothing and nature feeling.

The second floor is accessed by a wooden staircase that leads into staffs and customers lounge together with the working area. Workspaces are placed opposite the lounge area, where glass partitions are used along the hallway. Within the space, the areas for meeting, working, and relaxing are defined by different floor levels. A neutral colour palette, pale oak floors, rugs, comfy sofas and pot plants are added to the lounge area.

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