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Inspired by zen characteristics, the minimalist style highlights a clean and organised look with neutral tone and plenty of storage spaces. Neutral colours are perfect for the dwelling, allowing the interior design and architectural elements to take centre-stage. The high ceiling of the dwelling is fully utilised for extra storage, gigantic bed headboard feature as well as a loft in the study which doubles up as a guests’ room. The foyer space was designed to welcome and lead us into the living space greeted with an exquisite granite flooring. The breathtaking soaring high headboard was customised to generate the space a sense of sophistication in line with the concept.

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Eclectic style is so easy to love with colors, textures and patterns bring the look together. Consider the living hall your opportunity to sweep guests off their feet. The mix of different wood color tone with modern geometric patterns decorating the interior space blends perfectly in style.

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How great it would be to take a staycation right inside your own place? The interior design development of the studio has plenty of hotel-style elements to complement with the existing black shiny granite flooring. The consistency of neutral palette enhance the open concept of the dwelling while distinct design detailing of the carpentry works form unique characteristics.

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The imbalance interior spaces were connected together in order to create effective storage and interaction space. The interior design of the luxury penthouse exhibits a lavish use of materials on feature walls ranging from exquisite tiles, metal, black-reflective mirror to elegant wood grains. 

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We started off with some mood boards, space planning, color scheme and then furnishing as well as lighting. All these elements are crucial for the creation of the ambiance. A successful restaurant integrates everything the brand represents into a three-dimensional space, not just a cool interior, but great customer service, a great product, smart and efficient operations and a powerful identity brought to life through branding and innovative graphics. Everything works together to create something even bigger.

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Featuring the compilation of distinctive patterns and textures developed from a Scandinavian theme. Space division doubles up as feature wall hence the creation of bigger dimension in the main living space.

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