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Podomoro City, Jalan Tanjung Duren Raya, Kav 5-9

A gate for Villa Gading Indah Residence, a luxury housing in Sunter, jakarta

Sunter   |   3 Photos

Timeless design that involves natural material with thoughtful lighting and texture to achieve sophistication and functional design.

Medan   |   4 Photos

Fun and playful is the concept of RMIT School Interior. It has many details that together as a whole shapes the indentity of this School.

Jakarta   |   4 Photos

Surrounded by beautiful view, this marketing office is meant to match with the style of other buildings in the sampe complex, which is American Style.

Karawaci   |   1 Photos

Its concept is to provide a playful yet sophisticated canteen to students.

Cikarang   |   1 Photos

A counselling centre should be clean, comfy, and inviting. It has to welcome all people into its charm. The use of wood material and glass mix together to perform the modern yet classy touch of a reliable centre.

Karawaci   |   2 Photos

This school building was originally built in 2008 with only 3 storey height. In 2012, this building was redesign to meet classes and dormitory needs. The facade also has total redesign.

Tangerang   |   3 Photos

This canteen, located outside school building, just beside the main street, and became main sight which defines the school itself. Simple play with angle and repetition creates a canteen like no other.

Palembang   |   3 Photos

The bathroom was set to give the natural sense to the activity but in the most luxurious way possible

karawaci   |   2 Photos

This confidential non commercial cafe was to provide food and beverages to private university in Medan. It is located at podium floor of building, has a beautiful view that complements the design of alfresco area.

Medan   |   1 Photos

The project was doing full renovation on Pusat Gadai Indonesia Headquarters. The chosen light elegant natural theme was to give a comfortable and tidy look that describes the service well.

Kedoya   |   1 Photos

Gama Tower is set to be the highest building in Jakarta. This foodcourt theme was unique and vibrant to give the sense of youth and elegant into the building, in which also homes to the most elegant hotel, The Westin.

Gama Tower   |   4 Photos

American style interior tends to be homey and luxurious. Light color interior makes the rooms appear bigger, and the material and color combination blends well, with warm lighting and special customed furniture.

Karawaci   |   3 Photos

A 3 storey modern sophisticated simple design which use natural color. Some interior design feature include glass floor with white pebbles arrangement underneath, a space for big tree with natural air and lighting inside, a big void which let sun shine goes through the first floor.

Kedoya   |   2 Photos

A House that focus on green concept, air circulation and natural lighting to improve living quality.

Jakarta   |   3 Photos