Delima Ardi Jaya

Jl. Masjid Al ahyar no. 21 Cinere

On an area of ​​3.2 hectares, Sukawangi maritime academy will be divided into 4 zones planning. where overall designed iconic, modern, and a tangible form with maritime elements, such as screens, ships and the sea. area division set in accordance with the functions related to and arranged with grooves from public to private. 4 zones comprising: a receiver and manager area, the area of ​​education, student residential areas and support areas.
The education department is technically consists of an open plaza area, parking area for +/- 300 vehicles, rectorate (3 floors) for the management and
management, apples courts, multipurpose hall building, 4 units of the lecture building 3 floors (a total of 40 lectures and 10 laboratory space) to accommodate +/- 2000 students simultaneously, the amphitheater is open to art and culture, libraries, mosques and the religious facilities churches, sports facilities consisting of futsal, volleyball court, badminton court, basketball court and indoor swimming pool. residential facilities, located in the rear position of the region, 2 units of dormitory building two floors with a total of 120 units of rooms and can accommodate +/- 2400 inhabitants. all functions are linked by an open space that is intended for pedestrian and bike path, plaza with outdoor seating to gather, as well as an open landscaped garden surrounding the building.

Sukawangi, Bekasi District   |   4 Photos

We try to bring the good community environment for all cadet to be able to interact and do the creative things together. The main builidng is a dormitory for Cadet with supporting facilities surround it. 

Consist of 100 room of Dormitory unit that split in two building zone, Administration building, Cafetaria, Futsal court, Open stage on roof, and Carpark.


North Bekasi   |   4 Photos

The building used to be 3 storeys of leasing office space. Based on the needs and goals of the client, we do the renovation for the facade, interior, structure, and MEP aspect that transform the function into a Residential. 

A service private residence, consists of  5 keys of one bedroom type of apartment. Include with parking stall for every keys, common kitchen for breakfast and dining, common lounge area for meeting, accesed card for each unit, private gate system, and 24 hour of security control.

Kemang Timur   |   3 Photos

This Studio Apartment needs a compact living concept to provide the needs of the resident.

We try to bring comfort and loose concept which comes from the oak and mapple wood motif material and the compact furniture it self.

The H Residence Apartment, Cawang   |   4 Photos

This gallery created with the aim to showcase the works of the occupants, thus supporting the idea of creativity from all prison inmates selected.

By exposing the natural wood pattern, making this gallery impress the home and warm place to visit and see.

Office of Directorate General of Correctional   |   4 Photos