Decova Interior

Greenlake City, Duri Kosambi, Jakarta Barat

This Awesome Couple are very brightly smart in delivering their ideas for the living they like, we got so much new insight when designing and build this special design for them.

Springhill Terrace Apartment   |   4 Photos

This Kitchen is design to follow the request of the owner to have a clean and sleek kitchen that connected with the livingroom, the garden and the foyer room. 

Johar Golf, PIK   |   3 Photos

We use unique baby pink color to soften the room for the special daughter and baby. The soft pink color generate good feeling and mood for the kids.

Il Lago, Paramount Serpong   |   9 Photos

Natural design element to bring the most from the minimal. We create a uniting space between space.

Layar Permai, Pantai Indah Kapuk   |   8 Photos