Jl. Uranus utama, Bandung. 40286

WP House

WP House located in Jakarta, currently under design development stages. Within the limited site area, client required to maximize the usage of space. As for the front facades to represent the spirit of contemporary architecture.
Jakarta, Indonesia   |   3 Photos

IS House

IS House is 3-storey house, located in Bandung, Indonesia. Initially the clients requested simple yet elegant design for the house within restricted construction budget.
Bandung, Indonesia   |   7 Photos

AF House

Completed in 2012, the house is the result of varies material exploration, to shown the richness of tropical and local resources. Initially was part of 2 separate houses, combine together through facade treatment.

Bandung, Indonesia   |   13 Photos

WA House

Inspired by the modesty of japanese Architecture, this house design is trying to minimize the use of materials within white + grey painting, bare concrete and soft wood colors. Certain details of the house also follow square modular principles, formed by ventilation blocks and steel plate.
Bandung   |   12 Photos