BSD Junction, Block A no. 16, BSD City Tangerang Selatan 15130

Harley Davidson Showroom and Workshop

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Being one of the main urban residential in the competitive South Jakarta, Lexington Apartment was designed as a welcoming, comfortable home as well as a reflection of the taste of its inhabitant. Dominated by strong color palette all around, the unit breathes a sense of sophistication. From the combination of white, silver and dark natural wood dominating the kitchen set area to the unified different shades of brown in the bedroom.

Rugged stylish area rugs and various decorative pendant lights by the ceiling help define the confines of each area function while the carefully selected materials and textures deliver subtle masculine accent and luxurious atmosphere. The design of the room also conveys elegance and spaciousness even within the limited dimension.

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As a nature-themed resort located in Denpasar Bali, Taman Sari Apartment has the delicate challenge of keeping things in balance. They did so in style, by providing two types of rooms available for choice : mezzanine and studio room.  Combining natural and modern look, the space utilizes lots of different wood textures juxtaposed with light coloured marble floor to define different areas. Making sure that the resort takes advantage of the beautiful natural surrounding of it, colours of furniture and ornaments have been carefully selected to keep the room radiant and aglow during the day.

Embellishments are strategically placed all over the spaces to offset the more contemporary look with some organic presence, creating a distinct, fresh vibe.  Assortments of potted plants and old wooden vases work really well in kitchen cabinet area while the nature-themed illustrations pasted on the wall brings a sense of tranquility and composure. 

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It’s always interesting to see when retro furniture is treated with a modern take. La Verde Cluster combines the contemporary, wood-based material with vintage, black and white retro patterns, giving a balanced taste of both ends of the spectrum.

The open, minimalist shelf by the living room creates a sense of space and width. Adding a lot into the homey and relaxed ambience is the assorted potted plants found throughout the unit, giving it an organic and fresh look that goes well with its surroundings. 

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Providing a feel of luxury, Meruya Residence also excels in its composition by being low maintenance. Utilizing bronze mirror and well-arranged furniture and ornaments, the unit strikes as being spacious and roomy.

The varied shelves and the cupboards are finely thought out. They give the floor more space while serves as being functional and decorative. There is a lot of play on different rectangular shapes throughout the house, creatively utilizing spaces and gaps available to add a hint of symmetry.

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Neo Hotel was established with a contemporary style in mind. The group behind the chain constantly strives to pave new trends in the milieu of today’s trendy and moderately priced hotel range.

For the interior, we mingled the modern poise of marble and bronze, with their more ethnic, low-key counterparts: carved partition, tribal lamps and framed rattan weaving. This combination of a sharp, modern attitude with the warmth of the ethnic articles hits the sweet spot of ambience temperature. Color palette choice of natural wood shades with a dash of daring earthy red and cooling light grey in furnishing items concluded the whole interior into a welcoming and stylish setting. 

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De Park is one of BSD’s most highly celebrated clusters with a tropical park setting. In the accessible heart of the complex is a club villa fashioned with a resort concept, set with lush greenery, grey sands, and winning pools, wrapped up in fresh breeze and warm sunlight.

Decorating such an ambience of relaxed elegance, we decided to go tropical minimalist. We employed light furnishing that emanates lightness and openness: rattan chairs, lounge and hollow circle sofas topped with colorful pillows. In the lobby and the gym areas, we exerted strong accents of wood coupled with crème natural patterned floor and more active colors in the playroom to escalate the mood. In short, an effortless tropical chicness.

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Cowell Oasis Mahogany apartment in Cikarang is a living proof that limited space doesn’t have to feel jammed or crammed. Very light in its execution, this unit keeps the furniture simple while putting the wall to good use by implementing multi-functional, elegant shelves or using paintings and art on a glass panel to give the room more character.

The kid room sees an exquisite and efficient use of space, turning the gap under the elevated bed into a studying area while the white stair boxes provide plenty of storage. Utilizing the remaining space next to it is a well-organized set of studying desk and shelves. The main bedroom definitely shines here as the unique use of lighting under the bed base creates that spark and a sense of elegance. 

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Astons Specialities is a Singapore-based restaurant chain concentrating in the cultivation of steak goodness. Cowboy mood has been a signature theme applied consistently throughout their big family of Western restaurants. Hence our implementation of the same concept’s legacy for their first outlet in Indonesia.

We reproduced the old Wild West through a combination of materials: vivid settings of natural wood texture, black iron partition meshes and exposed baked bricks. This mixture, accentuated by contemporary industrial design aspects and ranch décor items, assembled a rustic cowboy ambience that is both appealing and relevant to the current market. The end product is a spot perfect for friendly gatherings and family dinners alike.

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