Bitte Design Studio

Jalan Jurang Mangu Barat no. 8 RT004 RW001 Pondok Aren, Tangerang Selatan, Banten, 15223

The setting is sleek, with all light wood furnishings and Japanese decor. There is a huge bar in the middle and booths and tables surround the edges. You can sit at the bar on low seats or high stools at the other side.

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AA Residence located at Cimanggis

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Container Office at The Lapan.

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Konsep Park 5 berpedoman pada sebuah gerakan yang dibangun dengan ide sederhana yaitu komunitas. Park 5 mencoba menghadirkan sebuah living space untuk mewadahi aktivitas dalam sebuah komunitas yang menghargai sesama manusia dan juga lingkungan sekitarnya. Dengan demikian, Park 5 diharapkan dapat menjadi tempat 'bernapas' dan berinteraksi kembali bersama kerabat dan alam, yang dapat menghilangkan penat dari sibuknya aktivitas dan padatnya bangunan di perkotaan.

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Publik Markette is one of ISMAYA group outlet, located on a 400 m2 plot in Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall. Publik Markette is a contemporary food gallery where the menu changes daily. There are two main bars, the food display bar and the beverage bar. The ambiance of the space is inspired by a warm American house feeling, using a lot of wood and tiles as the main materials.

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Situated in the heart of Jakarta, Blowfish is one of Indonesia’s best and longest running night life institution of more than 10 years. The client ( ISMAYA Group ) requested for a total renovation of the previous Blowfish Bar and Kitchen Concept and make it into a Super Club Concept. 

The club interior was designed by Bitte Design Studio, in collaboration with LEDSCONTROL, a lighting consultant from Barcelona and ISMAYA Group. The 800-square-meter space consists of a series of intimate rooms, each dedicated to a certain purpose or atmosphere, including a RSVP area, a light tunnel, a bar and seating area, a dance floor and VIP seating area, and a big DJ booth with giant screen on the background. Each room evokes a visual style through an incisive composition of architecture, texture and lighting. A new vision for a unique club experience in Indonesia night club scene. 

The club interior was inspired by the purity of traditional Japanese timber composition, simply made up of horizontal and verticals. The modular wire structure then becoming the media for the lighting components. The structure were integrated with the lighting and created an epic visual lighting sensation.

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Magnum Ice cream created a new ‘House of Chocolate” Café concept, located on a 700 m2 plot in Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall, one of the biggest shopping mall in Indonesia. The design is inspired by New York Urban style, using all the window display as the façade of the café. There are 4 main areas, the take away station, the dipping station and merchandise area, indoor seating area, and outdoor seating area.

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Bitte Design Studio in collaboration with Yogi Ferdinand (Magi Design Studio).

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The building is located on a 400-sqm plot in the busy intersection of Radio Dalam. The area is a famous entertainment spot. The client requested for a building that is very simple, with the ground floor functioned as the parking area and the first floor as the main area for the business. The main access is the ramp that connects the ground floor and the first floor. The ambiance of the space is inspired by an urban garden with a lot of pot plants. It is a place where people can actually meet, drink and chat. The long table bar and lighted bottle display are the main attraction of this place.

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