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Bandung, Jawa Barat
Sunaryo has specifically requested that the design must respond to these three requirements; firstly, the buildings hall be designed to function well as a place that can show case his collection his collection of artworks. secondly, the whole design character must resemble elements of West Java architecture. And thirdly,which is the most challenging requirement from the client is that the design must implicity represent the characteristics and identitites of Sunaryo’s artworks.
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Developing a design scheme that is based on a new interpretation of rumah jengki was mainly driven by the fact that this type of design expression have never been used before in the development of cluster or town house, except for few examples of old housing developments in Kebayoran.
Kebayoran, Jakarta Selatan   |   4 Photos
Speculative strategies were used in deciding what are the best and most selling design layouts, popular among consumers, especially around the area of West Jakarta.
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Series of slender vertical elements, creating uniform harmony of ‘columns’ composition that also compliment the simple planes of house façade.These vertical elements also function as screen to diffuse excessive sunlight and create privacy on the inside.
Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan   |   33 Photos
The process of transforming and reinterpreting the Joglo type house was made through a series of reconstructing and reformation of design elements with digital modelling and also physical models. This house was designed as series of pavilions or rooms, separated from each other but linked through a continuous covered walkway, within a unifying central landscape.
Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan   |   4 Photos

The house is configured in the shape of a triangle as a result of combining the design ideas with the small size of the programs, forcing one side of the house to waned but raised in height. The result is an interesting triangular brick house with an expressive roof shape.

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