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Sushi Hiro Senopati merupakan gerai pertama dari Sushi Hiro yang melibatkan arsitektur sebagai bagian dari keseluruhan desain. Dari luas lahan sekitar 450 m2, klien menginginkan sebuah bangunan semi permanen yang hanya terdiri dari satu lantai dengan konstruksi yang mudah dan cepat. Klien menginginkan beberapa kebutuhan ruang yang bersifat primer seperti area dapur dan gudang, area restoran, VIP, serta sushi bar.

Kehadiran Sushi Hiro Senopati diharapkan menjadi sebuah penetralan desain dari banyaknya ragam arsitektur yang berlomba-lomba menunjukkan keunikannya masing-masing di kawasan komersial sepanjang Jalan Senopati sampai Jalan Suryo di Jakarta Selatan.

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A tropical modern house is situated in a newly developed residential estate in the West of Bandung. Surrounded by nature, this house embraces the green landcape area by letting in as much natural light and using natural ventilation.

The architectural design contrasts with the typical houses in the neighbourhood. With bold linear box appearance and the cantilevered roof offers a shading around entire structure along with expansive glass façade facing to the main street. These distinct features are subtle and easy on the eye, with the use of earthy walls colour tone and natural materials

Ringed by the mountains, it is possible to enjoy the friendly tropical climate and let in fresh air by opening the windows. We created the sense of openness by extending the space to the outside, where we laid out big terraces. Each room has big openings to ensure that maximum daylight penetrates throughout the home.

The entryway is a semi-open reception area with the view of the inner court acts as a humble welcoming area, you can catch a glimpse of the tropical landscape of the area beyond the site, while also being shaded by trees. A garage and the service area are placed at the front of the house

The house is characterized by flowing connection between interior and exterior. On the lower ground the main spaces - living and dining are separated by a fishpond and adjoining to the inner court. The upper floor is a private area where the four bedrooms are placed. The bedrooms are connected with semi-open corridors with a seating area. The master bedroom is located at the back of the house. Windows are specially designed to capture views inward to inner court and on the opposite side the opening captures the panoramic view of the paddy field, making it the room with the best view.