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Cityloft Sudirman #11-10 Jl. K.H. Mas Mansyur Kav. 121 Karet Tengsin, Tanah Abang

Upon the clients request to enhance the value of their existing conservation shop house, the team embarked on a study to rejuvenate the typology of a shop house while embracing it with additional programmatic elements as per the brief. The result was a multi-level residence with central courtyard filled with light and texture. 

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Bin Tong Park Residence (Singapore, 2012)

Type : Residential 
Location : Singapore 
Year : 2012 
ATT service : Architecture & interior 
Site area : 2,000 m2 
Build area : 850 m2 

Sited on a slope which overlooks a lush green residential valley, the design emphasis for this private residence is to open up the spaces and rooms to the expansive views while creating pockets of privacy and community for its multi-generational residents. 

The essence of community is embodied in the grand gesture of a covered terrace which unifies the programmatic spaces through the continuity of warm wood textures and reflection pools. The pavilions, open air terraces and pivoting walls, emphasizes the embrace of the surrounding lush greenery and creates tiered platforms for entertainment and play. 

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The Katha Nusa Dua (Bali, Indonesia, 2013)

Type : Villa
Location : Bali, Indonesia
Year : 2013
ATT service : Architecture
Site area : 1000 m2
Build area : 740 m2

Sited on a hilly site in Nusa Dua with a view towards the Lombok Strait, the Kedhaton villas were conceived as a a cluster of three villas, comprising of two smaller villas and a main villa. The main villa occupies the highest ground in relation to the two smaller villas at the bottom in order to give the occupants of the main villa the best vista of where the sea meets the horizon. The positioning of all the villas maximises the best view while privacy screens comprised of custom-designed roster blocks are employed to maintain privacy between each villa while simultaneously serving as a service spine to the living quarters of the villa. In the main villa, the programs are divided vertically, growing increasingly public as one moves up from level to level finishing at the event space at the rooftop. In contrast, the smaller villas are comprised of open air living spaces at the ground floor while private sleeping quarters are located above.

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