Atelier Cosmas Gozali

Jl. Sinabung III No.4, Gunung, Kebayoran Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12120

Green Garden Residence located at West Jakarta

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The special features of this building are its unusual shape and location. In order to present a corporate image for a shipping company, the architect explored and worked just as an artist would in creating a work of sculpture. The futuristic concept of the building, with its play of heaviness and lightness in the composition of the mass, gives the initial idea of a spaceship landing on the rocky surface of a planet. In the context of its environment, an extended stretch of rocky beach, the building aims to be a focal point or landmark for the area.

The unique part of the building is the upper part, namely, the merging of the building’s facade with its roof. This irregular roof exemplifies the innovative thinking of the architect in the exploration of design, and the meticulous attention and careful consideration that went into the design.

The whole building looks like a great atoll amidst the breakwater rocks of the shore. The rooms inside the building too are designed such that their functions are aligned with the forms that have been established. The play of color in the interiors plays a role in bringing fresh nuances into the building. Calm, cool grays and whites are integrated with clean light greens and bright blues to make the rooms in the building feel more cheerful. The harmonious integration of the building’s exterior and interior is the result of thinking and solutions to produce an exploratory and innovative architectural work.

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The concept of this residence is the combination of Traditional Javanese house with a modern look. The combination of the terrace, courtyard, pool and landscaping come together and make this residence as an oasis in the middle of the dense areas with the high rise buildings.

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Sunter Residence located at Sunter

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Gallery House located at Pejompongan

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Gading Residence located at Kelapa Gading

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Fusion House located at Menteng

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"The main concept here is to connect odors with colors," Cosmas stated.

Salon area is utilized to test shampoo products, which is considered more related to woman. Cosmas filtered this impression and applied feminine and exotic touches through the bold red color on the wall. The series of shampooing seats are positioned in the middle of the space as a center of activities in this room.

Laundry area, which is related to detergent and softener, was interpreted to be a fresh area by Cosmas. The kind of freshness he chose was the freshness of lemons, with yellow as the main color. This color would remind us with the smell of newly washed clothes taken out from the washing machine.

Open, but still maintained the privacy. This was the main concept of Cosmas for the meeting room. Cosmas presented an open concept through transparent glass partition. This concept encourages an open working atmosphere as this allows people to see activities inside the meeting room and vice versa. However, privacy can still be well-maintained when required since the glass partitions could be closed. 

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To bring the ultimate level of serenity impression, colors play a major role. Brown tone is identical with warm feeling, combined with blue color which gives cool impression, creating close to perfect and balance combination. Brown color dominates both loose and built-in furniture. Cosmas gives a touch of blue for the interior accessories just like sky color for the curtain.

At this exclusive residence, Cosmas applied many portals on room walls. Those portals are made from HPL (High Pressure Laminate) which benefit is able to shorten the building construction process. The end result, all of the furniture seems immaculate and amalgamated. The built-in furniture creates harmony in those rooms, not scattered or separated.

Cosmas knows that limited space won’t deter him from being creative. The problem solving process can make people generate a lot of creative ideas. One of them that is applied in this residence, Cosmas arranges many mirrors in the room; this idea is to multiply the visualization of the room size. 

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The house has an interesting story in Feng Shui concept and located in Sunter, a flooded-prone location. This is a common phenomenon since Sunter is located in the north Jakarta and in close proximity to he seaside. Considering the big flood which always hits Jakarta (once in 5 years), the ground floor level of this house is elevated 1.5 meters above the road.

The site area is only 10mx25m, common size of a house. But it has strict and complex Feng Shui concept in it. The placement of the bathroom, the kitchen, the living room, and the other rooms were adjusted towards the pre-determined opening direction.

This house facade is very contemporary, indicated by the geometric shape. Because of the brilliant facade design, the strict Feng Shui  elements that are applied inside and outside of the house are barely felt. The facade is also applied with orange accent to create a beautiful harmony with the sky color of blue. In addition, orange is able to make a contrast difference with the surrounding houses nearby.

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