Jl Tebet Timur Dalam II No. 21 B

Highland Residence adalah perumahan dengan nuansa resort yang bergaya modern tropis sangat cocok di lingkungan iklim tropis seperti Indonesia.

Highland Residence mempunyai 6 unit rumah yang akan segera dibangun pada awal 2019 mendatang dan sudah terjual 2 rumah

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C21 Project is a project of an exclusive boarding house with an area of 900m2 contains 20 industrial-style rooms. Industrial concept taken from client requests that want to build unusual boarding house but not costly, with no use of paint as the main material for lining the walls, making the C21 Project expose almost any material. To balance the building material that impressed “hard”, then the architect using plant elements in the facade to give it a greater sense of home.

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House that located at Duren Jaya housing Bekasi city. Is minimalist style house, because the land area is limited and need a lot of space, the architects maximize the entire area as a room that have maximum function. The house is also prepared for house with two floors structure that has been prepared.

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Home architecture refers to the notion of “asymmetric”. We designed the facade patterned and textured as well as asymmetrical. This house was designed to have three bedrooms with wood floors accent. This house is have a uniqueness in the bathrooms that using natural stone materials with a combination of “indirect lamp”.
As a means of responding to the climate, this house has large windows that can create better air circulation and allow light into the house, the house can be an example of sustainable living.

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