Arci Design Studio

Semarang, Indonesia

For students, accommodation has to be the perfect crib to study, rest and enjoy the company of visiting friends and families. This 1-bedroom unit provides the perfect solution to meet the students' needs. Featuring the Heizen series furniture set from Contempo, the space is kept bright and airy with the light, neutral colour combination used. A splash of fun colour is added here and there to keep in a little youthful energy and bring in some personality. By using loose furnitures, it is much easier to move things around when creative mood kicks in and a new setting/layout is required. The simple, clean cut design not only saves space but keep things looking tidy and neat, boosting the desire to keep things organized.

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A new budding spot for social retreat, franchised from the City of Jakarta, Sebastian Coffee Shop will be launching its first opening in Semarang at the well-known Shopping Hub, DP Mall. This coffee shop brings about a raw industrial concept with its signature iconic green container truck body part, unfinished wood and bare concrete wall which helps create a casual and relaxing mood to enjoy a cup of coffee after a long day.

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