Jl. Gunung Catur 120, Denpasar, Bali

This project is a house renovation and addition located in a typical housing estate in Bali. The concept of this project is to create a home that allows its user to feel their senses with nature without compensating privacy and comfort in an urbanized area. The existing house is a 15 years old two storeys building that is structurally sound but its house layout need to be re-organised efficiently. As a result, the proposed renovation is a 2 storeys structure that infilled a small disused courtyard space in the middle of the house. The new addition created an open plan living room, a new master ensuite, and a study alcove. The new addition is tied together by a timber framed enclosure that contained a front yard space creating a buffer from the street to the new living room. This timber framing continues to the second floor, wrapping and forming a new master ensuite space that are lined with timber detailing from wall, ceiling, and built-in furnitures. 

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