Araceli Studio

Tawakal Ujung St. Suite B#14, Jakarta 11440 Indonesia

Domestic Coffee restaurant Rokerij is an extension of the Sushinaga , since the company wanted to extend the offer for their clients in Alam Sutra . The Rokerij designing concept is the creation of a warm in sense space, which combines the Branding Identity London style materials (wall bricks, pavement stone bricks) with more industrial features (container corrugated panels, concrete textures). A wall synthesis which resembles to containers gives the sense of the arrival at the store of new espresso coffee products. London signs and decorative forms prevail within the store representing the life style. Design and materials used had to be simple and basic, so reuse of the kitchen equipment and accessories has been the main and inexhaustible inspiration hand in hand with the greenery usage.


Alam Sutra   |   4 Photos

When we say private residential, most of us immediately of luxury, decorating home can be real enjoyment for everyone. There are many theories that can actually be applied in the planning and designing of homes interior. The main characteristic of this designed homes are owner favorite color and style inside the house and play with the existing layout.

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This new restaurant came with a couple of challenges, the first was to produce a layout that utilised and embraced the unusually shaped space. The second was to ensure that it stood out to customer from street level as well as the entrance in the street.

The contrast of the green banquette against the rough cement with white mural painting certainly help to grab potential diner’s attention. Cluster lighting at the rear of the unit also catches the eye. The space has a cozy and warm mood and the mural art inspired wall paper adds a playful touch.

Alam Sutra   |   5 Photos