Jl. Manyar III Blok O-3 Kav. 29-30 No. 4-6 Bintaro Jaya sektor I Jakarta Selatan 12330 Indonesia

Katamama, the first hotel by PTT Family, the group behind the world-renowned Potato Head Beach Club, gives its parent company a different and bigger canvas to display its creativity and vision. A rare project involving handcrafted custom work on a large scale, Katamama is a truly bespoke creation. 

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Located in the dense suburban area of Bogor, IT House is a one storey dwelling for a family who spend most of their days in Jakarta. Serving the function as a weekend villa, this family prefers to spend their weekends to enjoy the fresh air of Bogor, which also known as the’rain city’ because of its relatively high rainfall, including during dry season. The building is designed to maximize cross ventilation and still leaving generous area for greeneries and rain water preservation.

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 RAMAYANA DKI Jakarta, Indonesia (2016).

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PGN OFFICE – Jakarta, Indonesia (2015).

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TAMAN RENDO – Ende,Nusa Tenggara Timur (2009-2013).

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The house is sited in a modest neighborhood where vegetation are lavish. It is comprised of exposed concrete and reclaimed ironwood for low maintenance reason. Strong connection between inside-outside is envisaged to bring nature closer with its residents.
The zoning is divided vertically: service and semi-public on ground level, communal in middle, and private spaces on top. The house is best described in cinematique journey: upon entering the wooden gate, visitors are greeted by a tranquil koi pond while a slated wooden ramp lures them to explore the level above. The ramp leads to an open common space where lies a massive timber table, swimming pool and lush greeneries. Two final ramps ascend to the sleeping quarters: master bedroom in the corner of the garden and children’s above the main volume. The bedrooms sizes are shrunken to provide just enough space to sleep, and thus minimizing stimuli to allow optimum rest and giving maximum use of communal space for other activities.

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