an Atelier for Architectural Design

Jakarta 11610

7-15 is a playground. a Playground for a playful family. The design concept takes neutral color pallette to leave a neutral impression to the space. The space itself contain lots of multifunctional space for the owner to explore their creativity.

Tomang   |   17 Photos

The project relies deep in the natural quality of the material. Linear interior touch with a mix of marble, wood and concrete.

Kerawang   |   6 Photos

The house situated in bigger piece of land.

To simplify the household necessities, the size of the house is limited. Creating a big plot of garden around the perimeter. The concept was brought to maximize the garden space as the extension of the house, the main heart of the house, with every livable space facing the garden to create a spacious feeling throughout the house.

Alam Sutera   |   6 Photos

The project is a converted 3 bedroom penthouse apartment to become a 2 bedroom + library apartment.

The Library Lounge is crafted as an extension to Living and Dining area, create a bigger intimate area for the family member to share their daily story.

Alam Sutera   |   5 Photos