AMA Studio

Jl. Percetakan Negara Gg. Dahlan No. 17, Cempaka Putih, Jakarta Pusat

project name : Tamara golden rose village

location : plered purwakarta

architects : abdel mounaim and team

discription : 

The 4 hiktar Housing Project Site is located at Jalan Plered Purwakarta Indonesia  and consists 
more than 180 homes with different types and public facilities. This housing is designed with a tropical modern style that is suitable to cooperate with the local weather. 

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project name : ruko habab tour and travel 

lokasi : cisarua puncak bogor

luas : 437m2

architect : abdel mounaim 

discription : 

The concept aim to play with  tropical modern expression, which plays with shapes and shades to optimize sunlighting inside the building. The wall is using natural material. 
The 400 sqm is located at Cisarua Puncak Bogor. The scheme consist of two levels of house with programs of  
1 master bedroom, 1 master bathroom, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom , 
1 maid bathroom, washing + drying room, living room, kitchen (pantry), office room, working space, meeting spot. 
The building surrounded by greeneries and open space to provide enough sunlight and aircirculation. 

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name : al-fursan islamic school

lokasi : jalan parpostel raya jatiasih bekasi

site : 1.2h 

architect team : abdel mounaim, alex, thegar, delyawan, indra

discription : 

The 1.2 hiktar Islamic school Project Site is located at Jalan Parpostel raya Jati asih Bekasi Indonesia,  and consists of nine buildings with different functions.(mosque,  shops, boys school, girls school, swimming pool, boys residence, girls residence and sports facilities). This concept aims to play with arabian modern style, which gives the impression of quiet peace and religious. 
site is designed for school activities, stay and worship, that makes prospective students become independent and taqwah. 

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